Monday, May 30, 2016

Fighting rages near Camp Baharia

Iraqis and Arabs fight over Fallujah while Wolfbrothers 10th Company Commander Travis whips up a Local 40k Tournament and rouses a few awnry Wolfbrothers into a bit of MURDER on the Tabletops.
Travis' main Wolfbrothers Pup Austin got things started early for everyone, thanks Austin!
The MURDER Factory refitted operations for a couple nights and busted out some sweet Tournament Terrain!
A real big Thanks to Cody and Comic Kingdom for the time, space and PRIZE SUPPORT!!!
Very fun tabletop MURDER-TIME with Doc Glenbowski and the other wayward Californians he led up the Mountain for the event, always good to see you and your many cohorts!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Crisis at Yongshu Weather Station

We have been happily murderfactorying away in spite of the Chinese Government and U.S. Navy escalating games of chicken in the South Pacific
We absolutely love the new Chaplain model with the unique winged jump pack.
Behold the glimpse of several Murder Factory WIP...
...coming soon is a gaggle of Imperial Knights and a grip of custom resin bases designed personally by General Oadius himself - finished and ready to stand up an Army!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Forward Operations near Kaliningrad

While the US and Russia dabbled with brinkmanship in the Baltic last week, the Murder Factory was running up production on custom resin bases for General Oadius' Ravenwing Army.
Not as news worthy as a possibly unconfirmed nuclear destroyer chasing nuclear submarines and threatening first strike into Eastern Europe - but it is darn cool to stand up your toy soldiers with custom resin!
General Oadius painstakingly designed and hand crafted original custom bases for his incoming new Murder. Eventually we slapped a simple one-part cavity mold on these bitches and worked them up with some Smooth-on Oomoo 30 Silicone.
We used CA to cleanly glue all the bases flush and construct several master molds, if you look closely you can see we squeezed some extra bits into some of the negative areas and then built up the mold walls using copious amounts of hot glue to hold and seal everything.
We made some blanks of all types while we were at it this time to help out with designing and constructing future custom resin base series - for ease of tournament play!
Its very quick and easy to breakdown the mold boxes and de-mold the originals. Before the first pour each mold was cleaned up with scissors to help the molds sit flat/level mostly but to also to clean up minor silicone flash. We are using baby powder as our primary release agent.
The molds will cleanup finally with the first couple pours. It's pretty common to use sand and gravel when folks make thier own custom bases. All that extra stuff will get pulled out in the first few pours. 
Our favorite resin at the Murder Factory is Brick in Yard's Easyflo line.

This is just the start of the Ravenwing 'Imperial Graveyard' series. Literally something to stand on while we get the rest set to go, and then we will feature the entire series and the extras will of course be available to you!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Polymerizing Khmeimim

The Murder Factory has been firing off at an unprecedented rate, breaking new ground on exciting projects in all directions.

Custom resin bases for the Word Bearer Legion, you can find this "Iconoclasm" range on Ebay.

Helpful personal copies of much needed cool bits.

Quick and inexpensive reinforcements.

The learning curve has been steep but worth the hardwork and $$

Several new wings were required to keep the murder factory pumping at full steam!

Tons of supply for many projects. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Hills of Palmyra

With the fate of Palmyra castle still unknown, behold the fevered sons or Lorgar - The Word Bearer Legion of legend raging forth  with the light of the universal truth and the unbridled might of the true Gods: