Friday, January 27, 2012

Battle report

   Hey everyone,
It's Makooma again with a quick battle report for you. i hone you enjoy it!

Basing Tutorial

   Hey guys, Makooma here.
I just wanted to share a really simple basing tutorial I made. I hope you enjoy it!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Murder Factory - Reno/Sparks Nevada

Last Saturday we hosted our first Tournament and WOLFBROTHER Club Meeting of 2012!
It was a blast in all ways! Thanks everyone for your participation!!

We got a ton of prizes from the folks at Secret Weapon Miniatures, we cant thank you enough Mister Justin! But we will try, as there are many excellent drinking holes and even some places that are not holes - here in Reno/Sparks when he visits to teach Secret Weapon seminars.

This was a club event - everything is provided some how by club members. We had more than enough, and with 26 players in the competition we were fully packed into the Hall Of General Oadius.
The action on the tabletop was intense!

 Everyone got in on the Fight! The Club easily has enough tables and terrain to accommodate Forty Players!!! That will be the day!

 This is how Wolfbrother Generals "work out" before the big deal Tournament at Great Escape Games, Sacramento on the 28th!

Thanks again for the great Murder day! Cant wait to do it again (Feb 25th-26h or March 10th-11th)

Next up on the Murder plate is Sacramento itself! HOWL!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Yesterday the Wolfbrothers Chapter held our first of 2012 Tournament and Club Meeting. It was a Grand Event with over Thirty members participating and Twenty-Six Competitors in the 1250pt Contest of Champions PRIMER Tournament!!! We gave out a bunch of cool prizes - many from our sponsor, Secret Weapon Miniatures - who actually called our event during the recognition ceremony, and awarded everyone a huge discount on all orders.

 We couldn't have asked for better, and appreciate everyone's support and sacrifice. Obviously we will need more room, more terrain, more tables, and a Ground Floor Location! (haha) Because the Event was PACKED - the tables were full, and I doubt any casual or tournament player would have lacked for terrain or theme.

This Event was designed to kick off final preparations for the Wolfbrothers Generals prior to the January 28th CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS at Great Escape Games, Sacramento. Best Overall and Best General received store credit (to local store of thier choice) and paid spots in the CoC Tournament. 

Wolfbrother Lonewolf and Rival Ork General from Sacramento - Madjohn himself - arrived at the Wolfbrother PRIMER and layed down the MURDER in Orky Waaaaghh Style! With almost perfect battle scores, and tremendous Favorite Army support from the players, he took BEST OVERALL easily!

Local HERO and Wolfbrother General - Jake Reeser - smashed his way to the top of the stack and was BEST GENERAL with Perfect battle results. 

Stay tuned for the rest of the results! Way to represent Wolfbrothers!! What a Great Murder day that was!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Fight Of The Century - January 14th WOLFBROTHERS Tournament

We are very excited to share with everyone that our Tournament this Saturday, January 14th - will be Sponsored by none other than Secret Weapon Miniatures - we will be Raffling off thier awesome products All Day Long!

Our Tournament is a Contest of Champions PRIMER Event! We plan to mimic the Big Deal at Great Escape Games, Sacramento is as many ways as possible, to get YOU ready to go down there and MURDER!

In addition to the Murder on the Battlefield, we will have Paint, Sportsmanship, and Composition scoring! Be prepared!

Remember this is our First Official Club Meeting of 2012!!! We need you there to show your support! We will have Raffle Prizes throughout the day, and you can earn Raffle Tickets just for being AT the Event!

$10 Entry to the Tournament! Please contact Douglas of Wolfbrothers at 775.997.3268 or

Saturday's Official Schedule of Events:

9am-10am: Setup Tables etc
10am-11am: Registration and signup
11am to 1pm: Round ONE
1pm to 2pm: Lunch Break (paint judging)
2pm to 4pm: Round TWO
4pm-4:30pm: Break
4:30pm to 6:30pm: Round THREE
6:30pm to 8pm: Awards and breakdown

We cant wait to give you PRIZES! See you on Saturday Wolfbrothers!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Biggest Little Tournament In The World

Our First Warhammer40k Tournament of the Year, the biggest and bestest so far, AND Wolfbrothers Official Club Meeting. Wow! 

2012 is starting with a huge BANG in Reno/Sparks Nevada!

1250pts CoC PRIMER Tournament - Saturday, January 14th
$10 Entry Fee to enter the competition portion of our Event, 
Registration will start at 9am, and the Tournament at 10:30am Sharp!

This Event will be Located at the Sparks Holiday Inn on Nugget Avenue near Super Burrito
55 East Nugget Avenue

We Need You At This Event! This is also our first Official Club Meeting of 2012 - so drop by and sign our membership pledgebook, give a shoutout to 40kNation, check out the Action and Murder!

Prizes Prizes Prizes! We will of course have a TON of prizes for the winners, but we will also have Raffle Prizes during each round, and if you are in the room then YOU CAN WIN! Get in on the action everyone!

Please RSVP if you plan to compete in the tournament! or text or call 775.992.3268
Everyone of all regions and skill levels are welcome!

This is a Contest of Champions PRIMER Tournament - which means we will mimic the Great Escape Games, Sacramento Contest of Champions 2012 Tournament series in all ways possible! Because we want you to go to Sacramento and kick some ass. Nothing else will get you better prepared, and the Winners are of course SPONSORED to the Big Deal at Great Escape Games on January 28th. This means Composition, Sportsmanship, and Paint scoring in addition to the MURDER on the battlefield.

Please join us! We cant wait to give you PRIZES!!!