Friday, October 18, 2013

Extermination by Chainaxe and Bolter!!!

Forgeworld World Eaters Dreadnought Pro-painted by the legendary General Oadius himself, available to you NOW for a limited time only....

Friday, October 4, 2013

White Mischief

This Tau Army was a blast to paint and model. The force is a healthy mix of new and recycled models. As much as possible the minis are modeled to be walking up, over, and through the rocky terrain. Firewarriors are hiding behind or running to cover, and the Riptides perch near the larger outcrops firing their big guns as they jump from vantage to vantage. 

The end result of the Army colors was specific, so to get to the finished "White" we started with several colorbands of Grey and then dirtied everything up with yellow browns. 

Painting White is hard work, so every cheat we could possibly muster was applied. After painting and shading everything a to a nice, new parade ground finish everything gets a heavy clearcoat. 

Then layers of dirtiness are added, and parts of each model scrubbed and re scrubbed to install the weathering and light damage to the white army armor. Dirty, scrub, clearcoat - three to five layers depending on the size of each model.  

Shiny and black damage of various types was added as an after effect, just before finishing details.

Polished Silver as the main army marking...

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The White Tau Of Dover

Farsight sure took his time getting to the party, and while he made his journey, this is some of what we done:

Almost ready for MURDER on the Tabletop!