Saturday, April 28, 2012

TRAITOR SCUM, part three

 Rhinos! Five of the beautiful pink things - you can never paint enough Rhinos, Never!

 They got their start in a small town in Northern Nevada. White/Grey/Black primer as initial under-painting is a must 'round these parts.

A quick visit with the monkey at the changing table before building the final Rhino. Babies first heresy corrupted Rhino, cute! 

Most of the effect on the pink armor was achieved in five stage airbrush mixture, old GW Regal Blue mixed up into old GW Warlock Purple. After the details and a few highlights were installed, a light coat of old GW Scorched Brown was worked up on the bottom part of the Rhinos as a basis for the dirt and mud.

Mixed water, glue, dirt, and Rhinos together with extreme prejudice. 

When everything is mostly setup I went through with an old large drybrush and knocked off the bigger stuff or anything out of place - especially too high on the models or too much excess in the track holes. 

 It turns out the less water in the dirt mix the better really, less time to dry and a more durable finish. After the dirt was dry and any final adjustments complete, some quick and light coats of Old GW Bleached Bone, Graveyard Earth, and Scorched Brown are built up to finish the mud effect.

Thanks everyone! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Brother Caleb wins 3rd Place CRYSTAL BRUSH!!

Brother Caleb wins a great honor for himself and his fellow wolfbrothers by rising to the challenge and painting the 3rd best single mini amongst a GREAT MANY competitors at ADEPTICON!!!!! Way to go brother Caleb, CONGRATULATIONS!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TRAITOR SCUM, part two

 The Games Workshop Demon Prince is an awesome model in all respects! I didn't build this particular demon but I am working on a second, and am almost as impressed with the kit as I have been with the finished models. I know they have been around the block for awhile now, but this is the first for me to paint - and what a painters dream!

This guy came to me fully built, and needed just a little trim and a wash before getting started. A hulking model that will already stand out due to size, even in a CSM Army - I set out to make sure his paint job was striking enough for the attention this guy will receive from the enemies big guns!

With his Obliterator cohort, everyone got medium sand as a base to work from later for flock, mud, and snow finish.  Before moving on from this point, I had to get all of the tiny spikey and shooty bits onto each Obliterator. What a project!

Three-part primer, Black, Grey, and White all crafted from GW acrylic plus distilled water at about 1:15. Some items like the Rhino doors only get the white, but as I have preached about at length - installing the color gradient at this stage saves me a Ton of work later.

The armor effects were installed via airbrush starting with pure Regal Blue and working my way up to pure Warlock Purple in Three stages for the Oblits and Five for the Prince.

 After the basecoats and highlights the bases and each model from the knee down was given the mud brown treatment, then a two part green flock to get the bases started. The snow on these models was achieved with a combo of the new GW Mountain Snow texture, elmers glue, and Army Builder snow flock. Everyone was finished with a frosty airbrush effect.

Thanks again everyone!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

TRAITOR SCUM, part one

Blight Drones are AMAZING Warhammer 40k models from Forgeworld! Recently I have had the pleasure of building and painting a large part of a Chaos Space Marine army. The drones were models I had never seen or even heard of before, so I was very excited to get down with the Nurglely tasties most of all!

Besides being traitorous chaos scum, there is not much back story here that matters. They are sweet models, in great condition and easy to build. Although no flying stands or bases were included from Forgeworld.

Each drone came in its own little bag. Sure some of the little pipes and detail bits were broken or warped or covered in too much useless flash, it happens. Ive seen much much worse on the internets. Plus it was nothing a little greenstuff here and there wouldent cure.

For the flying stands I drilled deep holes into the underside of each and inserted hanger wire almost 3/4" into the models. Very strong and bendable for balanced positioning of flying drones over the base.

I attached them to the base using hot glue and rocks.

Later I added more rocks, washers, greenstuff and plenty of CA and bent the wire to position the models over the center of the bases.

One of the drones is actually pooping.

This was very carefully modeled using piano wire, strips of foil, and greenstuff. 

Wrapped two long strands of piano wire in opposite directions over the hanger.

Then roughly wrapped the strips of foil.

Over the foil went thin layers of greenstuff, and a fully sculpted pile over the rocks below.

As mentioned above, some greenstuff was used to repair or remodel some of the pipes or pipe holes on the underside of the drones. Thankfully they are traitorous chaos scum, so it was easy to do. Liquid greenstuff used over normal greenstuff to hide any seams etc.

I used up the first batch of white/grey/black primer that I made. This was the FIFTH army primered using only Five pots of citadel paints with distilled water.

Dark Angel Green over the black areas and a Goblin Green overcoat over that and a good portion of the rest of the models.

Blood Red mixed into the green in three stages was the final color effect. With the poop-vomit model, pretty much every level of decay of all sorts is represented on each drone.

I have no clue what these nasty things do on the battlefield, but they sure look awesomely rotten!

Thanks Everyone!