Sunday, October 30, 2011

Clash of the Titans, Apocalypse on a massive scale!

Fellow Generals,

A MASSIVE apocalypse game was on the menu Saturday october 29th at the Games Workshop store, oakridge mall, San Jose California. I dusted off my chaos minions and set forth with destruction in mind, I will post the list I played as well. The store had so many people show up to play that they divided us up into two teams, good vs EVIL 12,000 PTS per team. To assist the chaos space marines I brought, I also had necrons, tyranids, and chaos Daemons along for the ride. We played a team of tau, space marines, and tyranids with a tau manta ray and loyalist Titan to help them out. I brought my Titan as well, one of Abbadons personal warhounds, Abbadons Fist! It was an action packed game from the start as tau and space marines had the initiative and went first. When the dust settled from all of the crazy shooting at the top of one, the Titan had lost one void shield and made Saving throws on the turbo laser destructor. Tau stealth teams surrounded chaos on all sides with twelve markerlight drones per team, to little avail. The Vulcan mega Bolter blew off the rail guns from the manta ray and disabled the gun crew leaving no choice but to flee. One team of plague marines in a rhino with Lucius went after one team, while another squad of plague marines with Huron leading them went after another. A nurgle daemon prince also decided to get in the mix. The brass scorpion utterly obliterated a third stealth team decimating them with a brutal round of shooting. The obliterators and land raiders fired all Lascannons at the loyalist Titan removing all void shields and damaging a drive system. Abbadons fist answered with two shots from the turbo laser and took two structure points leaving the loyalist Titan heavily damaged but not out of the fight. The traitor baneblade accounted for massive enemy casualties and utterly destroyed a squad of twenty genestealers and an entire squad of space marines with two mighty shots from it's cannons. The two squads of plague marines cleaned house and wiped out the two stealth teams in a viscious assault. By the end of turn two all loyalist forcEs were wiped out on my side of the board as well as the loyalist Titan. Typhus and his retinue of nurgle terminator champs came in on reserve and destroyed a hammerhead and remained untouched for the rest of the game not taking a single casualty. The rest of the game was mostly uneventful as chaos rolled over the remainder of the loyalist forces leaving piles of bodies and scrap metal. By the time Abbadon deep struck into battle from his command ship there was little left of the tau forces which he and his retinue of terminator champions which utterly destroyed any remnants of the enemy. The loganberry brought their Titan back with the reinforcements rule and Abbadons fist finally fell, but a defiled and the brass scorpion moved in and finished it off once again. Victory chaos! A good time was had by all check out the vid, and I humbly submit my list.

Abbadon the despoiler with ten terminator champs, MoN, five combo meltas five chainfists, one reaper autocannon.

Typhus with ten terminator champs, five combo meltas, five chainfists, reaper autocannon, and of course MoN.

Khan the betrayer, eight plague marines, one champ with powerfist and llama pistol, melta gun plasma gun, in rhino with extra armor and havoc launcher. Fabius bile, Lucius the eternal, and Huron set up the same way with plague marines in rhinos.

Three squads of three obliterators

Two defilers with two Extra cc weapons

Two land raiders with extra armor and combo meltas

Brass scorpion of khorne

Three deamon princes with MoN wings and warptime

Corrupted techmarine with five servitors

Corrupted Lucius pattern warhound Titan Abbadons Fist

7500 PTS

General Bass out!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hive Fleet sDm

Tyranids have been my not-so-secret 40k obsession for quite some time now. Long ago a "big" box game was released called Tyranid Attack! It was awesome - I dont remember ever playing THAT game, or if it came out before or after Space Hulk. Nevertheless my best pal and I played many a game of 2nd Edition 40k using those models, and Tyranids are just plain cool in every way imaginable. 

Recently the draw has been mainly a chance to build/convert/sculpt my own Monsterous Creatures and of course the chance field a genuine Hoarde army on the tabletop.

What a project! Thanks for watching everyone!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

2012 Republican Candidate for President - Grey Knights "School" list.

Lord Kaldor Draigo

Torqueamada Coteaz

5 x Paladin
1 Warding Stave
1 Daemon Hammer Master Crafted
1 Halberd Master Crafted
2 Psycannon, 1 Master Crafted

4x Assassin
3x Crusader
1x Mystic
3x Melta gun Warrior Acolyte

5x Warrior Acolyte
1x Mystic
Razorback w/psybolt ammunition

5x Warrior Acolyte
1x Mystic
RAzorback w/psybolt ammunition

10x Grey Knights
1 Daemonhammer
3 Halberds
4 swords
2 Psycannon

10x Grey Knights
1 Daemonhammer
3 Halberds
4 swords
2 Psycannon

2x Twin Linked Auto Cannon
psybolt ammunition

2x Twin Linked Auto Cannon
psybolt ammunition

2x Twin Linked Auto Cannon
psybolt ammunition

This is the list that I am building for Shotdownmind to airbrush and paint on commission. We have decided on a SUPER liberal application of Object Source Lighting(from the force weapons, helmeted eyes, psybolt ammunition) and battle damage on the legs using a weathering technique picked up recently. I'll possibly do some hand brushing if necessary but the majority of the work will be done with the airbrush, by Shotdownmind.

If you don't know already, SDM is one of the best painters on the west coast(save a few CRAZY-gifted fuckers like Ultraraider and our own revered Wolfbrothers Brian and Caleb)and he has won Best Painted, Best Appearance and Player's Choice at several different tournaments with several different armies, so using his god given talents was a no brainer. Plus as I previously mentioned in a You Tube comment...SDM warps time in his own personal space and reality and in so doing FINISHES projects like some people start them. The boy has mad multi-tasking skills, what else can I say?!...

So this is our new joint project and I'm sure Shotdown will do some bad ass updates but, UNTIL NEXT TIME.....PLAY WELL, ROLL BETTER!!!!

(Post Blog)
Look for our two prototype Paladin/Terminators that are nearly fully painted, mixed in with the IG army he just finished(look in the previous posts).

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Eldar Brew

Working closely with The Shattershard Haemonculus, today we start the process of stripping down a handful of Eldar Dire Avengers, Swooping Hawks, Warlocks, Farseers, and Fire Dragons.

Friday, October 14, 2011

These are not the Necrons you are looking for...

These guys are fresh and ready to take on the new Necron tide!

The Green OSL on the grenade was done by hand, what do you think?

Everything got several treatments with the airbrush at various stages a long the way - the OSL on these two jokers was achieved using mostly airbrush tricks!

As many as 1/3 of the models in this project have some sort of OSL work beyond the blue eyes.

More to come, thanks everyone!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Imperial Guard Project Update!

Finished Iron Warrior themed Imperial Guard!! I have been literally painting these guys in-between other projects and the planets have aligned to allow me to complete over the last couple weeks.

Please tell me what you think! Many more pictures and video on the way!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ard Boyz Game Three: Land Raiders

Mission Three was Spearhead deployment and the mission objective determined at the Top of turn 3. On a 1-2 Annihilation, 3-4 Table Quarters, and 5-6 Terrain Features (as objectives.) My opponent was pleased to explain all the ins and outs of the Black Templar codex while slowly revealing that he had not 1, not 2, but 4 lance-proof Land Raiders. One with terminators, another with the Emperors champion the "last two" with crusaders and then two drop pods with small crusader units in them.  Four Lance Proof Land Raiders, I was impressed, but Vect was not.

The Black Templar armor deployed in a line-abreast type formation. Mostly because of the random mission, the Lance proof upgrades ended up not affecting my strategy much. Although I wouldn't be opening any land raiders with lances, if I had to I have plenty of haywire grenades on the 30+ Wyches and Trueborn. A Black Templar, Emperors Champion or Terminator powered counter assault wouldn't be fun for the dark eldar, so the entire force ended up in reserve, as long as the mission didn't end up Annihilation I would game his list and win easily.

The Black Templars went first and formed a column while driving into my neutral table quarter. BT drop pods dont come in first turn and roll-in from reserve like normal. His 2nd turn he continued his drive with the Terminators in the lead followed by a Crusader raider the Emperors Champion raider and then the final Crusader unit brought up the rear. No drop pods.
 Bottom of turn 2 the Dark Eldar army arrives. Almost everything makes it on to the board. Troops zoom fast to his side of the board, Warriorblaster venoms on the right, Wyches in the middle, Wracks on the left. Trueborn venoms and Ravagers jump into positions to literally block the front, side and rear of his Land Raider column - effectively stuffing his army into that table quarter (for the rest of the game.)

We rolled Table Quarters for the mission objectives. He reacts to the roadblocks by backing up a bit and unloading with his Land Raider weapondry. No one disembarks. Mission accomplished. The drop pods end up arriving in the middle of the game and the guys inside murdered by Venom splinter cannon barrage, marauding Wyches, and a very bored Vect + Shattershard Haemonculus.  Land Raiders blow up first wave of skimmers, guys inside get out and block some more. He kills them with shooting from his land raiders, and more skimmers move into position to block. Wyches, Warriors, Wracks move to the center of each table edge so they can bump/slide/stack into the table quarters necessary for massive win.
Eventually he pushes his way through the layers of trueborn in my deployment quarter. Turn 6 and 7 he gets off charges with 1 unit of crusaders and the terminators onto the wracks and dark lance trueborn. Somehow, thanks to grisley trophies, the Wracks survived a turn of combat with his lightning claw terminators, and died on turn 7. Dark Eldar Victory!