Saturday, December 14, 2013

WINTERS HARD - So have some Pancakes...

Last weekend once again we riled up the orneriest Wolfbrothers we could find and made our way right through an awesome snow storm to hand out Epic MURDER in the stomping grounds.  This time the occasion was the Twin Linked Grand Tournament hosted at the always amazing Great Escape Games, Sacramento. We had been overly excited in the weeks leading up to this TWO DAY event. Almost nothing compares to the anticipation as the Twin Linked Series is easily our most favorite tournament to attend for the sheer amazingness of the event, but mostly for the absolute brutal awesomeness of the enemy Generals that would be in attendance.

We could not possibly praise this event or venue or the tournament organizer Mark any higher. The tournament is always ran with the highest level of professionalism and the teams always bring the highest level of competition. This tournament was no different, except it was truely a GRAND Tournament with Six games over Two Days. Great Job Mark and team. Everything was expected to be incredible and was, and just got better and better throughout the event. The schwag and prizes were Uncanny, and the fun was never ending from the MURDER on the tabletops to the Bonn Lair and back again! We cant wait for our next trip to Sacramento, and will not miss a Tournament ran by Mark in the future.

Everything was provided throughout the tournament. There was never a entry packet or stack of paperwork to fill out. We didn't even have to bring copies of our lists for our opponents as we submitted our lists a week early and everyone was provided with ample mission and army list packets at check in. The staff awarded their favorite painted armies with entry into the Army Parade - a separate area where the armies were on display after game 3 and before the start of the 2nd day's events. The Tournament ran smoothly and on time, round pairings, breaks, and game end were spot on the schedule. Some of it was mind blowing for an event of any size. 

It was on the very second we arrived at the Tournament (literally!) Everyone obviously wanted a piece of everyone and the atmosphere was thick with competition. We couldent wait, we wanted First Blood. We had to track down and rescue one of the Pack before we even started our Journey over the Mountain, we wanted MURDER! Wolfbrothers 1st and 2nd were unleashed! 

Our favorite match was round 5 versus Cody Jiru and his partner Ray. Everyone knows DE beastpacks are for noobs and at 4-0 we had finally pulled our ancient rival. It was an epic game, the only time we stole Initiative the entire tournament, and crazy cinematic shit went down on the table. In the end we torched their Army and pulled off a 6inch charge with an Eternal Warrior, scoring, Relic holding Baron that would have resulted in a tie if it had been 7inches or more. 

Sirus hunkered down to watch our 6th game. He couldent believe a DE noobpack could make it 5-0.

After a tense back and forth first turn full of top table murder and action, we had a smooth game and locked down the final match during turn three. With Space Wolves in drop pods they Seized and dropped a Jaws-Priest on one side of our deployment lined up to snuff a handful of artillery pieces a bunch of beasts, and our Warlord. the Sieze was repaid in full when we rolled a 6 to Deny the Witch on Jaws. The game was intense at first but we set down a decisive win after a few turns of battle. 


Mark! You do such a great job man! Keep up the Hard Work! And remember to call on the Wolfbrothers if you ever need anything! 

We are not sure what these jokers won, but we sure hope it was best Sports or favorite opponent. The game we played was awesome and they really gave us a fight even after we stole initiative. Everything came down to one Beast charge in the end, it was great! Thanks guys! 

Wolfbrothers 2nd went all the way as well. They finished the tournament 5-1 - 3rd overall, and saw their only defeat go down in flames on the top table to Wolfbrothers 1st. They clobbered anything that even looked mean, and probably kept the meanest of the enemy lists/generals away from our Pairings by defeating them early and often. Most of their games ended with the absolute annihilation of their opponent's armies, they won by table many times throughout the event. At the end of Day one they were the top seeded 3-0 Team, and with more than a few Apple ciders in us that night, and not enough Whiskey, THE WOLFBROTHERS had sure put a CLOBBER on the Stomping grounds, and that shit was only half over! 

Wolfbrothers One went 6-0 for Best Overall. The Event was everything we could have hoped for and more, and putting the absolute smack down on it was the icing on the cake. The MURDER on the tabletops was EPIC beyond belief. HOWL you mangy dogs of war!!!! Thanks for everything!

Monday, November 18, 2013

HOWL Now White Tau!

The White Tau of General Sam assemble for final details and pictures before being released from the MURDER Factory: