Monday, May 30, 2016

Fighting rages near Camp Baharia

Iraqis and Arabs fight over Fallujah while Wolfbrothers 10th Company Commander Travis whips up a Local 40k Tournament and rouses a few awnry Wolfbrothers into a bit of MURDER on the Tabletops.
Travis' main Wolfbrothers Pup Austin got things started early for everyone, thanks Austin!
The MURDER Factory refitted operations for a couple nights and busted out some sweet Tournament Terrain!
A real big Thanks to Cody and Comic Kingdom for the time, space and PRIZE SUPPORT!!!
Very fun tabletop MURDER-TIME with Doc Glenbowski and the other wayward Californians he led up the Mountain for the event, always good to see you and your many cohorts!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Crisis at Yongshu Weather Station

We have been happily murderfactorying away in spite of the Chinese Government and U.S. Navy escalating games of chicken in the South Pacific
We absolutely love the new Chaplain model with the unique winged jump pack.
Behold the glimpse of several Murder Factory WIP...
...coming soon is a gaggle of Imperial Knights and a grip of custom resin bases designed personally by General Oadius himself - finished and ready to stand up an Army!