Saturday, August 8, 2015

ITC and the Wolfbrothers


2015 has been an outstanding year for the Wolfbrothers.  ITC has brought about the type of competitive atmosphere that our generals thrive in.  Two Wolfbrothers are in the top 20 ITC rankings and another is best army general(Astra Militarum).  Our club as a whole is #7 in the country.  We've taken some major tournaments and placed well everywhere we go, fact is things are better than ever.  Now we've annexed the Party Russia boys from Redding, with some serious grey matter between the three of them, they can only win us even more accolade and glory.  Death to our enemies.


As a club, we've focused on ITC tourneys, but we'll never forsake Great Escape Games and all of their fantastic events.  Praise be to "The Saint" and his efforts, forever may Sacramento benefit from his benevolence.  The Twin-Linked Season, Contest of Champions AND the Twin-Linked GT in December keep us busy and fed with a steady meal of Murder and Victory.


Lots and Lots of armies being built and painted by the club.  The new pace at G.W. suits us fine and a quickening of sorts has occured; whispers of "let the sleeper awaken" have been heard at safety meetings.  Long may the whiskey flow....

Do you even vape Brah?

So to recap -
1.ITC 2015 and COC, TL Seasons all good for the winning and growing Wolfbrothers
2.We promise to keep bringing it in our own particuliar idiom
3.Mostly inside joke
4.Inside joke

Anyways, just a quick update from the Reclusiarch General, but I promise more.  TILL THEN.....PLAY WELL......ROLL BETTER!!!