Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In The Grim Darkness

 Now we find ourselves in the end times of our glorious Fifth Edition and it has never been darker brothers! Xeno scum attack from all directions and the Emperor, like Fifth Edtion - is fucking dead.

 There is still MURDER and GLORY to be had on the battlefields of Fifth yet. This weekend on the eve of final death we will have the Wolfbrothers CoC PRIMER Tournament and then almost a whole month to the 2k Contest of Champions at Great Escape Games. That means a whole month of slogging it out in the mud of 5th.

6th changes wont even be in Army builder for weeks after that still. Wolfbrothers will have to stay in the fight to give it their best on the 28th in Sacramento. General Oadius WILL continue his domination and cement his victorious standing. The rest of us will try hard and knock in some teeth on the tabletops. This is where it will ALL count, all of it. In the next final weeks we have to MURDER each other and anything else that moves as much as possible. No more preparation for the Xeno Scum, just kill those motherfuckers dead like 5th edition. The Emperor is dead, act like it!!!

All the lessons of the Oadius Astartes learned or not will be put to the test  between now and on the 28th of July. Remember to PROXY you jazzed up jokers! PROXY, PROXY, PROXY. There will be time and moneys for sorting 6th out after these final battles. Dont miss out for your actual chance at Real GLORY in the end times!

MURDER in RENO on June 30th and then MURDER in the streets of SACRAMENTO July 28th.



Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reclusiarch Report - 6th edition preparation

 With the 5th edition of Warhammer 40,000 coming to a close, we need to prepare the chapter for a new dawn.  Chapter Master Shotdownmind has brought our generals together under a single, Wolfbrother banner, the result of which has been astonishing.  In a very short time our club has amassed honors and victory in the toughest tournaments and amongst the strongest competitors on the entire West coast.  We have not only built a name for the club and it's top generals we have also developed a base of new generals to replace us when our time is at an end.  We have forged alliances and friendships based on trust and mutual respect amongst our greatest peers.  Most importantly though, are the bonds we forge amongst ourselves as Wolfbrothers.  However diverse a group of generals though we may have we are the stronger because of it.  All that and in one paragraph too...

We, as a club, are just getting started.  Shotdownmind's plans extend much farther than some 1st place finishes and impressive youngsters, they include holding an annual GT in Reno under the Wolfbrother's Standard, regular sponsorship of our best generals to the Nova and possibly Adepticon and so much more.  So with that in mind, I would urge the following...

** Get the 6th Edition rulebook more models until you know what you will want to buy using the 6ed rules.  This is more for the competitive generals that don't have a huge gaming budget, but I think it's prudent for all of us to consider. 

** Don't read the 6th edition rulebook and constantly compare it to how it differs from 5th.  We will all need to keep an open mind.  5th edition is only relevant up to the next CoC in Sacramento and then it is as dead as dead as dead, it's fucking dead and it won't mean anything to anyone.  So find your niche within 6th and dig in deep. 

** Don't read the rulebook half ass, read the whole thing and don't begin to digest it until you have read it cover to cover.  Only in it's(6ed rules) entirety will you truly understand the field of war in it's new context. 

** Don't get discouraged.  Wolfbrother's are meant to walk victory's path, it is inevitable.  We alone have as many great minds in one place and all of them willing to communicate with one another their insight.  We alone will practice and practice until victory is as natural as breathing. 

** Never stop in your quest to become a better 40,000 player.  It is a metaphor for life or something.

In his infinite wisdom, Shotdownmind, once again summons us to meet and prepare for war.  The primer tourney and club meeting will further unite our brothers and we shall count the new brothers and aspirants amongst us.  We shall honor our brothers who have been promoted and wage war amongst ourselves to finely hone our generals into apex killers.  So remember to bring yourself to Heroes Games and Hobbies on the 30th of June, 2012. 


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wolfbrothers 2k CoC PRIMER Tournament

Saturday, June 30th at 11am the WOLFBROTHERS will be hosting a 2000pt Warhammer 40k Tournament and Club Meeting. This will be a full-on "PRIMER" Event to kickoff final preparations and get our Generals in top shape for the 2k Contest of Champions Tournament at Great Escape Games, Sacramento on July 28th.

As always we will have a ton of PRIZES for the winners of the Tournament and of course RAFFLE PRIZES for all that may attend our Club Event. You can earn raffle tickets for just showing up! Bring your wife and kids! One of our Big Raffle Prizes will be the new GW Storm Talon and we cant wait to give it away!

$10 to compete in the Tournament. Contest of Champions rules and scoring. Hardcore 40k as usual for any Wolfbrothers Tournament - so bring your best and be ready for MURDER on the Tabletop. Space is limited so please RSVP so we can make sure to have enough tables and terrain for everyone. Contact Douglas of Wolfbrothers anytime at 775-997-3268 or with any questions or to signup for the tournament.

The Tournament will be held at our Local Stomping Grounds: Heroes Games & Hobbies (under new management) at 1289 Baring Blvd across the street from Reed High School. Special thanks to John and Ben for making accommodations to allow us to hold our event in their store. A signup sheet for the Tournament is available at the front counter.

This is a Club Meeting so drop in anytime and show your support for the Club. You can win prizes just for being at the event! Come get a piece of the Wolfbrothers!


((We Are Hunting You))

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hall Of Heroes 2000pt 40k Tournament

Yesterday many of our Biggest and Meanest gathered to throw down hardcore Warhammer 40k at our local stomping grounds Heroes Games & Hobbies. There was no holding back and we saw our Best at each others throats before the end of the day. 

The Hall Of Heroes is a monthly escalation tournament. Prizes and Good times are handed out liberally. For most of us, we couldn't dream of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Everyone was throwing around some seriously heavy lists. Leafblower IG, Mad Tau Gunline, Deathwing, School Grey Knights, Night Scythe Necrons, Commando Tyranids, and a couple of really pissed off Dark Eldar Kabals went at it and no one was left unbloodied. It was amazing to see the Big Dogs at play all at once. Owners John & Ben Allison conducted the gladiatorial Event and a great time was had by all.

MURDER and GLORY on the Tabletop was the outcome - - Thanks to everyone for showing up and handing out the DEATH!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

On The Hunt: The Army Of General Oadius WIP

The reinforcements are pouring in, and General Oadius is looking for a fight!

Mordrak has arrived.

 Anvil Thawn too.

Other meanness we couldn't leave behind.

Brother Captain Stern. Its going to suck to be a badguy.

Thanks everyone!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Army of General Oadius: Reinforcements

 The Army Of General Oadius, like the Myth-Legend himself, is a BEAST on the Battlefield. This month the Army nearly doubles in size with the arrival of Reinforcements in the form of Grey Knight Purifiers, Terminators, and a handful of awesome characters. 

Death To The Enemies of the Wolfbrothers!

 Many of the new Terminators are magnetized to enable General Oadius a wide variety of deployment options. You never know when you will need More Initiative 6 or Strength 8 Force Weapons....

Can there ever be enough psycannons, stormbolters, and power weapons? The answer is NO.

 We actually built an entirely separate Purifier list to start with....

 We crafted a couple models that could represent Anvil Thawn, as well as Brother Captain Stern and Mordrak....

Thanks everyone!