Sunday, May 20, 2012

Terminatus Accomplished - Throne List Victorious - General Oadius Best Overall

It's true.... from a prestigious field of 56, including: Darth Vader himself(Casey McNamara[grats new pappa!]), Ben Vaughn(Da Vinci..the renaissance reincarnated), Darth Maul(Ryan Thalen), Mad John(THE ork of California), Santa and lots more worthy generals, General Oadius(me) came out with a 1st place OVERALL.  I've never managed to place 1st at the Contest of Champions and it's a very sweet victory, I must admit.  It pleases my vanity to think that you all might want to know what list I played so here goes...

Throne List - General Oadius' Grey Knights @ 1750 points, CoC comp format

Inquisitor Karamov

Inquisitor Coteaz

5 x Paladins
1 MC Halberd
1 MC psycannon
1 psycannon
1 MC daemon Hammer
1 warding Stave

10 x Grey Knight
3 x Halberd
3 x Sword
2 x psycannon
1 x hammer
1 x justicar

10 x Grey Knight
3 x Halberd
3 x Sword
2 x psycannon
1 x hammer
1 x justicar

11 x Henchmen
2 x Assassin
2 x Crusader
6 x Henchmen
1 x Melta

6 x Henchmen
1 x Assassin
1 x Crusader
3 x Henchmen
1 x Flamer
Razorback w/psybolt ammo

2 x TL Autocannon
Psybolt ammo

2 x TL Autocannon
Psybolt ammo

So that's that....  Basically Karamov held the middle with the Pallys(foot slogging).  Karamov chooses to pass or fail and is T5 with 4 wounds.  He is relentless with a MC Multi-Melta and a MC Power Sword at S5.   He allows rerolls for all friendly units within 12" on all morale and pinning tests.  That allows for the rhino's to flank him and stay near middle longer.  His no scatter orbital bombardment is key though...he threatens far away targets, all while holding fast to the middle. 

The Grey knights like to stand still inside the rhinos and fire hvy profile psycannons...also moving 12" and jumping out to torrent something with stormbolters and assault profile psycannons is very effective and usually not expected.  These are the meat of the army and fulfill several different roles.  They will usually take a charge as bait for those that would venture too close to the paladins. 

Coteaz jumps into the Chimera with the mean henchmen unit to run into any fast attack and flankers.  He also provides a powerful counter attack tool. 

The Razorback is usually reserved and wants to run in around turn 4 or 5 to grab a defensive objective or is placed at the start of the turn to contest an enemy objective in the backfield.  The flamer and assassin can do some damage.

The Dreads blow up tanks and make Obliterators take double toughness saves...  they can also tar pit no grenade units who would dare to get too close to my objectives..they are usually quite close by. 

There in lies the insight into my list that I will allow knowledge of....

Game 1 vs Nids
great game super opponent papered the board like a champ.  A little luck and persistent attack on his objective contested his and a persistent defense(and some luck) protected mine.  1 objective to 0  General Oadius scores 17

Game 2 vs Eldar
Wraithguard, Warlock and a Farseer held the middle for nearly 4 turns until paladins finished them off.  Dreads took out all the Vypers, War Walkers and Wave Serpents.  Nearly tabled him.. General Oadius scores 20

Game 3 vs Space Wolves
Classic Rhino list with a Rune priest and long fangs.  Paladins held middle with great shooting and a turn 5 tank shock almost turned game into a tie.  A lot of fun to play this general(Mr. Andrew B.).  Game went to 6 and I got lucky and cleaned up the mess in the middle.  General Andrew holds 1 objective and I held 2.  General Oadius scores 17

Totals -
Battle - 54
Comp - 30
Sports - 28
Paint - 20
Favorite Opponent - 1
Favorite Army - 4
= 137

Thanks to General Shotdownmind for painting such a pretty army for me.
Thanks to Great Escape Games for holding an amazing tournament(6 TIMES A YEAR!)

Well folks, every dog has it's day, especially dogs of war.  HOOOOWWWLLL!
Death to the enemies of the Wolfbrothers! 

VICTORY: The Army Of General Oadius!!!

 Death To The Enemies of the Wolfbrothers! 

Word comes to the pack that the Legendary General Oadius of Wolfbrothers has finished First Place Overall at the 1750pt Contest of Champions held at Great Escape Games, Sacramento!

Hail General Oadius!

Honorable Mentions and Victory Sagas for the young Wolfbrothers Matt and Travis who both gave better then they got and finished top seed, HOWL and GLORY!!!

Thanks everyone, stay tuned for a report from the General Himself!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

TRAITOR SCUM, part four

Demon Prince: Warhammer40k painting commission for the dark gods.

 Love this model! The muscles, big toothy evil smiles, gigantic wings and menacing weaponry - really a Painters dream in almost every way.

 The kit itself is not to be loved, not nearly as much. The model almost snaps together with very little work. As for heads and arms and weapons, there are three main variants that can be mixed and matched easily. Wings and little backpack stubs are available for back pieces, and a couple of different loincloth setups as well. That Is all great really, what is Not great is that the model really only has one pose available. Due to the build/sculpt, all wonderful plastic kit demon princes are basically cursed and sentenced to the same pose across the galaxy. I am sure there are some type of good reasons for this somewheres, but I dont like it.

This particular Prince of Excess had a habit of getting unnecessarily rowdy wheresoever he found himself hanging out at the Murder Factory.

 Plenty of the Emperors Enforcers hanging around these parts. Not a problem, a lot of fun actually!

Chaos Traitor Scum Astartes battling their way through a horde of evil robots currently, they are on their way soon!

Thanks everyone!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

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