Friday, September 27, 2013

My Other Army Is .... MURDER!!!

HOWL!!! We are gearing up for the 2250 Contest of Champions at Great Escape Games in Sacramento, CA. As we get ready for this hardcore event we are keeping in mind the upcoming MURDERMAKE at the Twin Linked Grand Tournament in December! As always we cant wait for the action on the table top!.

Check out some of the Amazing stuff General Oadius has been up to over in the MURDER Factory while we wait to stomp down the mountain on the Hunt:

 Striping, building, priming, upgrading, converting, painting every which way.  Its really a full fledged Forge world by its own rights nowadays over there!

In between Army outputs Reclusiarch-Lord Fabricator-General Oadius squeezes in some practice!

Back to work! He is a crazy machine and his servitors and helpers are all little assholes!

Between hypodermic needles and buckets of raw caffeine to jugs of paint his Manufactorem is at full steam all day every day, and is outputting epic Amazingness.

As we are hanging around Howling and taking pictures of our toys in the moonlight we wanted to give you a taste of what the General is Cookin - no amount of mother-pickling will stop us from stomping through your mud-tomato valley tomorrow. MURDER!!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

White Tau Can Jump

The MURDER Factory is firing off in all directions at an uncontrollable pace! Try to keep up! Today we bring you the startings of "The White Tau."

sDm's project for the summer was General Sam's White Tau - A huge Farsight Enclave collection started just before the Tau supplement release. While we waited for Oshova himself to show up, we built and painted the rest of the Army!

Large parts of the Army started as leftovers, but there was plenty of the new models from the fresh codex as well as new old models to build and, "a billion drones" - General Sam.

This Army has a ton of models! 

Cork and other basic materials on the bases, the Army got the old 1-2-3part underpainting and primer before the real work started.

Starting from the ground up, the single unit of Kroot were the first on the desk...