Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DEATH TO OUR ENEMIES: 2011 Contest Of Champions

Throughout the year we have been making our way over the hill to Great Escape Games, Sacramento every other month to compete amongst the most brutal of competitors in the Six-Tournament long Warhammer40k Escalation League: The Contest Of Champions. It has been a truly awesome experience in all ways.


General Oadius blazed the trail and since January the Wolfbrothers Club has attended every event possible with as many able bodied Generals as possible. 

We cant get enough of the hardcore competition! We have also made our way to a few Twin Linked Doubles Tournaments. All Events at Great Escape Games are HUGE and PROFESSIONAL and FUN! 

We have made a lot of Great friends as well as an equal number of Mortal enemies.  Our Lone Wolves like Makooma, Daywalker, MadJohn and Marc - we appreciate your support Brothers! To the WolfsBane Casey and the rest of your rotten crew and other dirty bastards, we Honor your skill, warrior spirit and your love of The Hunt!

We will be back soon! Twin Linked on December 18th here we come, as always with the most hardcore motley we can arrange, and We will do Battle!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Battle Of Kornovin: Vengance of Lord Draigo

You should know by now that General Oadius plans to carve his name in your chest with this Army, and he wants you to know it and see it, and ask for mercy - knowing that none will come...

Awesome Psyfleman Dreads and a Vindicare backed up by The Techmarine, Stormraven, Chimera, Rhinos and Razorbacks.

I proposed a "contained" version, with the intent of building armored shoulders around the psybolt ammo - this variant was denied by the General.

 The Techmarine is an ultra-powerful component of the Grey Knight Legion.

One of my favorite models ever, massive in all ways! I already have a Space Wolf Iron Priest, but I NEED one of these guys for myself now!

 The Dreads feature Kornovin pattern paint scheme.

This is the initial OSL installment, and its Army-wide at this point. From this stage I will start to pull back the weathering and OSL where necessary and get into the first level of highlights. This all starts with another "ink stage" with reds, blues, purples, and more brown and black.

Then more foundations and metallics and on to the actual first set of highlights.... Hope you all enjoy!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

DEMONHAMMER: GK-vember is Awesome!

The Grey Knight Army of General Oadius is at an awesome stage. Ready for initial OSL effects army-wide, its really about to come-to-life beyond the tabletop level. Just in time, I know that General Oadius is chomping at the bit to shoot at you with multiple Psyfleman Dreads, and more...

The Army has a healthy mixture of "old" pewter GK/Inquisitorial models. Once mustered in full, everyone got the same Red-brown-black-grey-white treatment with the airbrush.

Lord Draigo and his pal Coteaz, after the Red but before the Brown. (~1" swaths!)

 After the underpainting, all of the Grey Knights got a very light coat of Boltgun Metal followed by smooth "highlight swaths" of Mithril Silver.


After the heads are installed and all the base colors applied, Devlan Mud and Badab Black ink/washes go down where necessary, which may seem like everywhere, but its mostly just around and between and inside of everywhere. 

Brown first on the lower portions of the models (knee down) and any stone or tin areas. Black underneath all surfaces, in the knee and elbow joints, fingers etc. Important attention paid to all the Hammers, Halberds, and Swords with the black as prep for Osl. Brown and Black inks layer at this level and add tremendous depth and texture to basic basecoating - use both!



Next up is glowing Swords, Hammers, Halberds, Psycannons, Autocannons, Assault cannons, Heavy Bolters, and a bitch load of green eyes, stay tuned!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Great Escape Games - CoC finale


especially: Gary & Sirus


Congratulations to: Casey McNamara for winning the 2011 championship & our own Douglas Bevard III on winning Player's choice and 5th in series overall.

For those of you haven't participated or even heard of the Contest of Champions series then I truly feel sorry for you. Fret not, as there is hope, in form of the 2012 Contest of Champions(which the Wolfbrothers have already RSVP'd to). If you love playing competitively against the finest generals in all the land or if you love the hobby of 40k(painting and modeling) then there is no finer example of a close knit community of players who represent the finest aspects of either. I strongly urge you to make the effort to join in with us.

A well run store is a pleasure to be within arms reach of...Great Escape is the benchmark for the industry, hands down.

A well run tournament store is the greatest pleasure an enthusiast could possibly hope for, Great Escape Games is simply untouchable.

If you think I'm kissing ass then please present a SINGLE example of any store in the region that can touch Great Escape Games for tournament frequency, number of participants, $ amount of prize support and most importantly player loyalty(# of returning players and or % of returning players). Oh you can't cuz there isn't?...yeah that's what I thought.

Ard Boyz Semi-Finals wasn't the same, having not been held at Great Escape Games(sorry obscure mall store). I'm probably bitter for having been smoked like a Winston.

Team Wolfbrother's will be at Great Escape in December for the final 2011 Twin-Linked Tournament as previous winners(a thing we take great pride in, even though we lack the dice bags to prove it{inside joke}).

Mark from Great Escape Games holds the twin linked tournaments and they are a blast. The "doubles" format rocks and the missions that Mark has been putting together makes the most out of them. Again, I strongly urge you to join in with us at GEG.

ENOUGH OF THIS BEING NICE, I AM GENERAL OADIUS AND YOU AREN'T, SORRY FOR YOU(unless you have a full head of hair, in which case, Ahhh Luuckkyy, tsk)


p.s. please support your local stores like: Heroes Games & Hobbies, Antioch Battle Bunker, Martinez' Frontline, Casey's store in Ukiah and all the others...even the mall store....

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

FORCE WEAPON: Keeping up with the Grey Knights, Part 2

The Grey Knight Army is progressing at rapid speed. This article will detail the Inquisitorial Section of this awesome force - handle with care!

Starting with the underpaining of course. Coteaz and some other models were already built and primed when I got them. Since the underpainting for the army would include a black stage I didnt worry about the 3 color primer, the henchmen would end up as very dark models in the end anyways.

A few models were old painted pewter guys, I just airbrushed right over the old paint job. 

Scab red, Snakebite leather, chaos black "color swaths" on the lower half of the models.

 Then the basecoating - metalics and foundation colors almost exclusively, and all watered down with distilled water to "break the medium" and make the paint go a lot farther, easier to work with, and "more" transparent - you want the underpainting to show!

Ah yes, a few Fortress Grey line highlights here and there on the Henchmen and Assassin armor. Nothing fancy, a much sharper contrast then the underpainting offered for highlights/shading.

Technically these models are beyond "tabletop" and ready for appropriate ink/glaze. I think its really important to use brown and black inks, and sometimes complementary or contrasting colors in layers to build up the detail from this stage.

 After some quick ink, The Army will be ready for initial OSL effects....

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sluggin it out in the battle bunker, VICTORY

 General Bass and General Oadius traveled to Antioch last weekend, Sunday November 13th, to the Battle Bunker for some 1500pt Tournament action. Local players and participants from the bay area open were there for some fierce competition and a good time was had by all! I played my Dark Eldar Drecht list, General Oadius played a Blood Angels mech list. I will post my list at the end for your viewing pleasure. I ended up in FIRST PLACE when the dust settled after four grueling games. My games went as follows.....

Game ONE vs nurgle CSM, dawn of war annihilation.
Turn one was uneventful with little done by way of shooting on either side. Turn two took the battle to nurgle and the grotesque and wyches went in heavy swinging away slaughtering two full squads of plague marines and a lash sorcerer by the end of three. By the time reinforcements arrived it was all over. Dark Eldar win

Game TWO was against a mech blood angels army (not General Oadius). Pitched battle seize ground. The game was back and forth on both sides for it's entirety and I ended up getting the win by having troops on my objective, and roadblocking my opponent from his objective with the
Voidraven bomber and razorwing fighter on the last turn. Dark Eldar win

Game THREE vs CSM nurgle with two warptime daemon princes. This game took off quick with assault on the First turn. The archon and grotesques slaughtered the two daemon princes and it appeared as though victor was at hand. my dice stopped rolling good tho and nurgle was hot at the death of his two prices, in the end we both killed all our troops. Dark eldar tie.

Game FOUR - the tiebreaker vs necrons and the stormlord. This was the first time I got to play necrons since the new codex came out. The stormlord controlled the first two turns and blew up two of my transports, and the sprees were shittin out tons of scarab bases. Once again the grotesques and the archon went to work killin a ghost ark and the warriors inside. The voidraven blew up another ghost ark, and the destroyers were mowed down by a venom. The game was spearhead annihilation. Dark Eldar eked out a tie on this one.

The 1500pt Drecht list as follows...

Archon Drecht, agonizer, ghostplate armor, combat drugs, phantasm grenade launcher, shadowfield.

Three haemonculus no upgrades.

Three grotesque with a liquifier gun. Abberation with flesh gauntlet, raider with grisly trophies and flickerfield.

Two squads of three wracks, on venoms with dual splinter cannons, grisly trophies.

Two squads of seven wyches, heckatrix with agonizer and phantasm grenade launcher, shardnets, haywire grenades, raider, grisly trophies, flickerfield.

Razerwing with splinter cannon, flickerfield

Void raven bomber, four shatterfield missiles, flickerfield.

Thanks for tuning in,
General Bass out!