Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wolfbrothers 2k Tournament at Heroes Games & Hobbies

Saturday August 27th Ten of the Wolfbrothers Chapter's most hardcore competitive Generals gathered at Heroes Games & Hobbies to battle it out for League rankings and a bunch of Prizes!

A generous thanks to Heroes for letting us take up all of thier gaming space that day! A special thanks to General Oadius for helping to run the tournament and providing excellent advice, guidance and most of all RAFFLE PRIZES!

We had a blast, HOWL!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Walk like a genestealer

I just thought I would share my technique for painting Ymgarl genestealers. Hope you like it.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Genestealer feeding frenzy

Hey everyone,

It’s you favorite uber player here with news for all my fellow Tyranid players. There is usually one unit in a codex that can be considered the best unit in the codex. Taking into account points cost, survivability and killing potential. In my opinion, the best unit in the Tyranid codex is the Genestealer. I love these guys there are very few units in warhammer 40k that can stand up to genestealers in close combat. Eldar banshees, Dark elder wyches and storm shield wielding assault terminators are a few challenges. Gretknights with spychout grenades may be if your genestealers take a broodlord along. But all that aside I have been using genestealers in the most ridiculous ways possible to try and take them to the limits of their potential and I have not reached it yet. The only downsides they suffer are the same as the rest of the Tyranid codex but the ability to outflank and infiltrate midigate these issues. I recently whent to the twinlinked tournament with this list: three units of ten genestealers with scything talons toxin sacks broodlord, one unit of eight ymgarl genestealers and a Tyranid prime with scything talons and adrenal glandes. This list, worth only five kill points, got a total of twenty-two killpoints in the tournament. I tabled an Ork player and nearly tabled a Nekron player in the same game and destroyed most of two space marine armies. I also when toe to toe with Dark elder wyches and sent them packing. (not without some trouble) A combination of secret deployment and outflank made all this possible. It may not be a feasible list in every situation but no one was expecting it and after cutting all the fat out of my army I had a highly efficient killing force that made a few people take several looks at my codex to make sure I wasn’t cheating. I encourage all Tyranid players to break from the norm of “Hive guard, Tervagon and Trygon” and really try some crazy stuff. Please respond with other effective nonstandard Tyranid lists.     


Monday, August 22, 2011

Winning and losing-it's all part of 40k

Chaos666 here to set a few things straight. 40k is a great game, and I ALWAYS have fun playing for a few simple reasons. I'm not a fluff player, I am a realist which is what everyone who plays this game should be. Power armies, GW's new flavor of the month, WHO GIVES A SHIT REALLY! I play badguys cause that's what I like to play, not because they are whatever. I hear people bitch about this n that.
I really think they are bitching because they are bitching because they haven't pulled the maximum potential out of their army! Get real! Why don't you take a close look at that codex you like to play and write the best list you can think of. Isn't that why they give us the damn thing in the first place? Get a pair when you bring that list and face the consequences of your decisions, and please don't whine like a little girl if your pretty little models get their asses handed to them.
I haven't contributed as much as I would like to this blog so I try to keep it as real as possible when I do. Shenanigans, rule benders, shunted and little girls who call themselves men need to play their cute little fluffy lists with their girlfriends and not show up to tourneys at all.
This blog is called shotdownmind for a reason, we are here to show you the error of your ways. If you can't. Accept that then go cry on your pillow cause I dont want to hear it! Brig your bes army, your best list, it doesn't matter because you can't always win.
Like I said before I play for fun, but I never said I would make it easy!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Fountain" final list and Ard Boyz Result

Ok so I went with 3 las/plas razorbacks and one rhino, I had to drop a stormshield for some lightning claws, but otherwise fountain was same as previously posted.

RESULTS ARD BOYZ 2011 - 2nd Place

1st game vs Eldar, massacre, all bpm.
Seized Initiative and went flat out with Stormraven to a clump of units in the corner. Power of the Machine Spirit takes off a Bright Lance and the rest of the units jockey for shots in turn 2.
His Turn 1 and nothing can see but the nightspinner who puts both of my Preds in Difficult and dangerous.
Turn 2 and the Land Raider fails to come in from Reserve(deepstriking), but the Death Company and DC Dread unload to assault, the Stormraven moves towards middle to bring in the Land Raider with it's Locator Beacon. Shooting takes down another lance and stuns a different wave serpent. Assault sees first blood and 2 KP's are scored(dread vs Wave Serpent and DC vs rangers).
Eldar turn he unloads every bit of shooting his army has to nearly kill the Death Company and wiff against the Stormraven. He assaults a lone Lemartes and kills him.
My turn 3 the Land Raider comes right down into his middle cluster with the help of the locator beacon. The Death Company Dread moves into assault some Dire Avengers. The preds blast off another lance and the Stormraven drops a wave serpent completely. The Land Raider uses POTM and kills some fire dragons that wiffed vs the Stormraven. In assault the dread kills one or two.
His turn 3 he shoots off some of the weapons from the Stormraven and moves his spiders over(too close to Land Raider), the Dread kills another Dire Avenger and he assaults the Stormraven with a Farseer and finally wrecks it.
My turn 4 I start to move the traitor to his deployment zone with a flat out move and unload the Terminators, Corbulo and the Reclusiarch into a HUGE multi assault, killing a ranger unit, spider unit and a Wave Serpent, the dread kills another dire avenger.
Eldar turn 4, what's left moves over to bladestorm the terminators in a desperate attempt to wittle them down before they are assaulted and he finally takes out a predator, the Dread finally kills the dire avengers as they try to fall back and consolidates towards some reapers.
My turn 5 the rhino with the traitor moves right into his deployment zone, my razorbacks kill his nightspinner and the terminators kill the last big unit of guardians and the traitor. His farseer falls back dangerously close to board edge. Eldar turn 5 he gets a rear armor shot on a razorback and blows it to hell, the Farseer falls of the board edge and the DC Dread kills an entire unit of Reapers in one phase.
My turn 6,I kill a spider unit. He's down to 2 models and we shake hands before playing out his turn.

2nd game vs Dark Eldar(SDM), tie, 3 bpm
I have to play Shotdownmind after going to lunch with him and we just know that it's going to be a super tough game. 5 objectives and he makes me go first and then seizes with Vect(you suck SDM). Long story short(maybe he wants to tell you) but I make turn 5 contest with flat out razorback and stormraven. He owns my deployment zone, but I managed to contest there too(miraculously) and the middle is wholly owned by the Land Raider and the Terminators who have killed everything within arm's length. A turn 6(night fight)might have seen the Blood angels win with a razorback that cut loose from my corner to go grab the 4 point middle obj, but time was too close and we called it.

3rd game vs Daemons, tie, 2 bpm
I wiff in shooting vs the Soul Grinders all game...if I would've just killed them with any of the shooting then the rest of his army completely bounced off of mine, would've been major or massacre. Good general though, he pressed his one advantage and the dice just killed me. I still managed to kill more units(many more) and score more vict points then him but not enough to even get a minor victory.

Grats to ShotDownMind for 1st place!!


"Would somebody please hand Mephiston an Iron Halo?!!"

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ardboyz 2011 - Heroes Games & Hobbies

War soon. Swooping in with the Twisted Blade plus upgrades (namely Vect.) Killpoints mission one, Six turn weighted objectives mission two, and Victory points mission three will mean only hardfought decisive victories will be allowed for the Dark Eldar.

Twisted Blade 2500pts

1 Asdrubael Vect, 240 pts

1 Haemonculus, 195 pts (Shattershard)
1 Haemonculus (Liquifier Gun x1)
1 Haemonculus (Crucible of Malediction )

3 Kabalite Trueborn, 161 pts (Dark Lance x2)
1 Raider (Grisly Trophies; Flickerfield)

4 Kabalite Trueborn, 173 pts (Blaster x4)
1 Venom (Splinter Cannon)

4 Kabalite Trueborn, 173 pts (Blaster x4)
1 Venom (Splinter Cannon)

8 Wyches, 243 pts (Shardnet & Impaler x1; Haywire Grenades)
1 Hekatrix (Haywire Grenades; Phantasm Grenade Launcher; Agoniser)
1 Raider (Shock Prow; Enhanced Aethersails; Grisly Trophies; Flickerfield)

8 Wyches, 243 pts (Shardnet & Impaler x1; Haywire Grenades)
1 Hekatrix (Haywire Grenades; Phantasm Grenade Launcher; Agoniser)
1 Raider (Shock Prow; Enhanced Aethersails; Grisly Trophies; Flickerfield)

7 Wyches, 231 pts (Shardnet & Impaler x1; Haywire Grenades)
1 Hekatrix (Haywire Grenades; Phantasm Grenade Launcher; Agoniser)
1 Raider (Shock Prow; Enhanced Aethersails; Grisly Trophies; Flickerfield)

10 Wracks, 185 pts (Liquifier Gun x1)
1 Raider (Grisly Trophies; Flickerfield)

5 Kabalite Warriors, 130 pts (Blaster x1)
1 Venom (Splinter Cannon; Grisly Trophies)

5 Kabalite Warriors, 130 pts (Blaster x1)
1 Venom (Splinter Cannon; Grisly Trophies)
1 Razorwing Jetfighter, 165 pts (Splinter Cannon x1; Flickerfield)
1 Ravager, 115 pts (Flickerfield)
1 Ravager, 115 pts (Flickerfield)

Total Roster Cost: 2499

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ard Boyz Lists - Option 2 Blood Angels "Fountain"

Reclusiarch in power armor

Brother Corbulo

7xAssault Terminators
4xTH/SS, 3xLC/LC
Land Raider
Extra Armor, Multi Melta

10xAssault Marines
2xMelta Gun, 1xPower Fist

10xAssault Marines
2xMelta Gun, 1xPower Fist

10xDeath Company
1xPower weapon, 1xpower fist
Lemartes(11 total models)

Death Company Dreadnought

5xSpace Marine Bike
2xMelta Gun, 1xPower Fist


Auto Cannon, Las Cannon Sponsons

Auto Cannon, Las Cannon Sponsons

TL Multi-Melta, Extra Armor, Locator Beacon

So this is a reactionary list to the scenarios we will see at the Ard Boyz Prelims. 2 of the 3 scenarios will essentially be annihilation so I have chosen a mix of units that will be devastating damage inflicters and hard as hell to kill. I've designated the list "Fountain" in honor of the recently successful "Garden". Garden's HQ's would be a drag in game 3 and I feel a new list was called for. Reno has a tough crowd of hardcore players and getting into Ard Boyz Semi-Finals will not be easy.

The Stormraven and Land Raider combo are an amazing 1, 2 Punch that will sure to leave the enemy reeling if delivered properly. Lemartes and fallen flock to kill any infantry silly enough to be in charge range and the Dread will do his thing as always(fleet, Furious Charge, 5 attacks, WS5, Str10, ignores stun/shaken) and the Terminators can make a mockery of even the heaviest armor squadrons(12 Str9 attacks with re-rolls to hit). throw in a couple of Preds to shoot from range and a couple of rhinos full of troops to hold objectives in game 2 and a bike squadron for fun...you've got yourself the "Fountain".

I don't know which list I will take but the Blood Angels feel better at this point...Hmmph, who knows?...! TILL NEXT TIME.....PLAY WELL, ROLL BETTER!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ard Boyz Lists - Option 1 Grey Knights

So here is what I have come up with for a Grey Knight Ard Boyz list...



Rad, Blind and Psycho-troke grenades

1xMCpsycannon, 1xincinerator, 1xwarding stave, 1xMCdaemonhammer, 1xhalberd
Brotherhood Banner

10xGrey Knights
2x psycannon, 1 x daemonhammer, 3xhalberd

10xGrey Knights
2xpsycannon, 1 x daemonhammer, 3x halberd

5xwarrior acolyte, 1x mystic
Razorback w/psybolt ammunition

5xwarrior acolyte, 1x mystic
Razorback w/psybolt ammunition

2xcrusader, 2xdeathcult assassin, 1xmystic, 5xdaemonhost
Chimera w/searchlight

Dreadnought 2xTL Autocannon
Psybolt ammuntion

Dreadnought 2xTL Autocannon
Psybolt ammuntion

Dreadnought 2xTL Autocannon
Psybolt ammuntion

So this is a complicated list to explain but I'll touch upon a few things. First things first is Draigo and Grand Strategy and Psychic Communion

Coteaz brings the henchman to the table along with a few tricks of his own but mostly fills out the model count and makes scoring units available, cheap.

The Paladins can deepstrike with the mystics placed forward on the board or drive in the chimera with Draigo

The Purifiers are all purpose(there may be a hammer in there too)

The Dreadnoughts need to kill lots of armor...

The Chimera henchman squad can be very nasty in shooting and CC.

Next I'll post up the Blood Angel list that I will probably end up going with. TILL NEXT TIME....PLAY WELL, ROLL BETTER!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Garden List Update. Death Company & Lemartes Completed!!

At long last, the Garden is fully painted. With the completion of Lemartes and the Death Company there is only basing that remains.

This unit is MVP nearly every game and is a nigh unstoppable force. 31 attacks @ WS 5, INI5, STR5 with rerolls to HIT and WOUND, another 4 Power Weapons and 3 more Power Fist attacks...not to mention Lemartes when Fury Unbound attacks 7 times at WS5, INI7, STR6 with rerolls to hit and wound, assuming they charge of course. Feel No Pain and Fearless is a nice touch too.

Rage is a big deal and it does not always go your way but they(Death Company) are worth it. Delivering them accurately is the big challenge, but with big risks come big rewards.

At the last Contest of Champions, Lemartes and company killed 10 Grey Knight Terminators when they were assaulted because of fury unbound and master crafted on Lemartes.

I'll post again when the basing is done on the whole 1850 point army. UNTIL THEN....PLAY WELL, ROLL BETTER!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ultraraider's DoA Blood Angels / Best Paint Bay Area Open GT

General Oadius thought he would show off this insane army with it's hand painted goodness. you may want to pause a few times to check out the details...

Those are Astorath's legs on Mephiston..Mike says to use oven mitts when dremeling pewter for more than a few seconds, he learned the hard way.

I mentioned in the last blog that Mike/Ultraraider won best paint at the Bay Area Open GT.

Shotdownmind was easily 2nd with a nicely painted/based Demon Army coming in 3rd(although no awards were given). Had I redone the ASM's and had the Army Painter varnish for the Stormraven I could've beat out the Demon...IMO.

General Bass, SdM, Ultraraider and I drank quite a few beers and discussed painting and painting theory...going forward I'll be using some glazing techniques that Mike went over. Good company, good discussion....good beer.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Garden List RESULTS. 5th of 76 competitors at the Bay Area Open GT!!!

So the headline is the news....Garden takes 5th place at the Bay Area Open GT. Congrats to IG James(OVERALL) and Ultraraider(PAINT) for their first place finishes. Thanks to Reece and the ZeroComp guys for putting on an amazing tournament. Thanks to Mike at the Battle Bunker in Antioch for letting us hang out(and for some lucky dice) at an amazing shop Friday and Saturday night. The Wolfbrothers put on a hell of a showing and we even had strong Reno Fantasy presence at the tournament.

So with 7 games in 2 days the competition was feirce. Everyone paid $50 a pop to be there and wanted to get paid back in blood.

Game 1
I faced Grey Knights with 5 psyflemen, Coteaz and 2 squads of assasin/crusader mix in Chimeras. In the end the Psychotroke grenades and assasins mix killed the DC and the psyflemen dreads killed everything else. LOSS

Game 2
I faced an Eldar list with Eldrad, a biked farseer, some warwalkers, fire dragons, rangers and warp spiders. In the End the DC slaughtered the spiders and firedragons. Dante and the Sang Guard got into the backfield and killed everything else. WIN

Game 3
I faced a spam Blood Angel list with 3 preds, 3 baals, 6 razorbacks in 2 variations and a libby. At 5 I would've won..... TIE

Game 4
I faced a Dark Eldar list with the Duke, warriors, hekatrix bloodbrides, venoms, ravagers and one fighter. In the End the DC killed 20 hekatrix bloodbrides and some venoms with hardly a casualty. Dante made a wreck of things behind enemy lines by blasting the fighter up and the Predator could not miss a shot to save it's life. I probably made 30 FNP rolls against the venoms and warriors. WIN

Game 5
I faced a space marine list with a libby, some thunderfire cannons, predators, razorbacks, ironclads, speeders and tactical troops. He killed Mephiston in mid-field shooting and the Blood Angels went insane with vengeance fueled fury. WIN

Game 6
I faced Blood angels again with Mephiston, 2 furioso blood talon dreads, razorbacks, predators and a stormraven. MEGA tight battle ending with my Mephiston making an insane leap, fleet and successful charge to contest objective while an amazingly heroic and solitary sanguinary guard held the enemy side objective, great game. WIN

Game 7
I faced a challenged Dark Eldar player who gave me a huge multi-unit assault with the DC and DC dread out of the Stormraven on my side of the board turn 3. Then to top it off he assaults Mephiston AND the Death Company with Asdrubael Vect and some wyches....well that doesn't go super well for him and Mephiston kills Asrubael while the DC and battle results kill the wyches. WIN

5-1-1 I'll take it. TILL NEXT TIME.....PLAY WELL, ROLL BETTER!!!