Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Night Terrain: New Set (part 1)

I have been working on my "4th" generation Warhammer 40k terrain set since returning from Vegas in October. Only one building survived the last set, and a few pieces from a couple other. Mostly I got these craters cause another guy carried them around in his army case to use during game play when vehicles explode. Some are GW and a few GF9. Either way they havent ended up being the most playable as wreckage but with some build up and weight they make great terrain on thier own.

Nothing was "wrong" with the last set of terrain, just akward as we used it week after week. The buildings that did exist were hard to manuver with our big human hands. Most of the pieces were chunks of machinery or half burried ruins and buildings. The limited selection was having an impact on terrain deployment for tournament practice, and on that note the set as a whole was not replicating the environment we were encountering outside our local store.

Tabletop terrain for gameplay needs to be sturdy, have some levels, plenty of places to easily place troops on small and large bases, and of course have some obstacles that you just cant place a model on or in. Put some thought into models with banners and how terrain pieces will affect LOS for vehicles of different types etc.

I fitted the various parts of each Piece and then went to work with sharpie, exacto, and scissors! I cut into the groves of each crater around where I would embed an object, like the Blood Angel Predator or the industrial machinery.

Death to Blood Angels!

I built this building earlier - actually a three-level, 2 two-level, and 4 one-level ruins from three Del Taco boxes.

One piece has the sand bags embeded and the other doesnt. It didnt matter after the layers of texture but it made sense at the time.

All the various parts glued on and together with liberal amounts of Hot Glue! Seven new pieces to start off the terrain set. After some build up on the buildings/ruins, and some large/small rocks I will spray paint everything in layers of black and white.

First batch of Dark Eldar for local Escalation league starting Jan 3rd - a real chance to showcase the next level of hobby skill.

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