Friday, February 4, 2011

"Shifting Sands" BA vs SW 2k BATTLE REPORT

Blood Legion vs Wolfbrothers 2000pt Video Battle Report. Playing one of the Great Escape Games Contest of Champion missions called "Shifting Sands." Basically Pitched Battle and Modified Seize Ground.

I have been playing the Logan Blade list lately. Today it was a variant, dropping the Lone Wolves for Njal and some other rearrangements. General Oadius should post his list shortly.

Space Wolves won the roll for deployment and gave turn one to the Blood Angels. Each turn each objective was worth d3 cumulative "objective points." After the Wolfbrother deployment, General Oadius dropped a Blood Legion Dreadnought onto the Wolf lines and moved his fast scoring vehicles onto the objectives....


  1. General Oadius' Blood Legion "Death Flood"

    Reclusiarch with Infernus Pistol
    Brother Corbulo
    14 x Death Company with Thunder Hammer, 2 x PW, 1 x Infernus pistol, 2 x bolter
    Land Raider Crusader with Extra Armor and Multi Melta

    Furioso Dreadnought with Frag Cannon & Heavy Flamer
    Drop Pod

    Assault marines x 9 with 1 x melta, 2 x lightning claws & melta bomb
    Sanguinary priest with power weapon

    2 squads of Assault marines x 6 with 1 x melta
    Razorback with Las/Plas

    2 squads of devastators x 5 with 1 x las cannon & 3 x missle launcher

  2. oh yea...

    disregard the Jump packs you see on the models.