Sunday, October 30, 2011

Clash of the Titans, Apocalypse on a massive scale!

Fellow Generals,

A MASSIVE apocalypse game was on the menu Saturday october 29th at the Games Workshop store, oakridge mall, San Jose California. I dusted off my chaos minions and set forth with destruction in mind, I will post the list I played as well. The store had so many people show up to play that they divided us up into two teams, good vs EVIL 12,000 PTS per team. To assist the chaos space marines I brought, I also had necrons, tyranids, and chaos Daemons along for the ride. We played a team of tau, space marines, and tyranids with a tau manta ray and loyalist Titan to help them out. I brought my Titan as well, one of Abbadons personal warhounds, Abbadons Fist! It was an action packed game from the start as tau and space marines had the initiative and went first. When the dust settled from all of the crazy shooting at the top of one, the Titan had lost one void shield and made Saving throws on the turbo laser destructor. Tau stealth teams surrounded chaos on all sides with twelve markerlight drones per team, to little avail. The Vulcan mega Bolter blew off the rail guns from the manta ray and disabled the gun crew leaving no choice but to flee. One team of plague marines in a rhino with Lucius went after one team, while another squad of plague marines with Huron leading them went after another. A nurgle daemon prince also decided to get in the mix. The brass scorpion utterly obliterated a third stealth team decimating them with a brutal round of shooting. The obliterators and land raiders fired all Lascannons at the loyalist Titan removing all void shields and damaging a drive system. Abbadons fist answered with two shots from the turbo laser and took two structure points leaving the loyalist Titan heavily damaged but not out of the fight. The traitor baneblade accounted for massive enemy casualties and utterly destroyed a squad of twenty genestealers and an entire squad of space marines with two mighty shots from it's cannons. The two squads of plague marines cleaned house and wiped out the two stealth teams in a viscious assault. By the end of turn two all loyalist forcEs were wiped out on my side of the board as well as the loyalist Titan. Typhus and his retinue of nurgle terminator champs came in on reserve and destroyed a hammerhead and remained untouched for the rest of the game not taking a single casualty. The rest of the game was mostly uneventful as chaos rolled over the remainder of the loyalist forces leaving piles of bodies and scrap metal. By the time Abbadon deep struck into battle from his command ship there was little left of the tau forces which he and his retinue of terminator champions which utterly destroyed any remnants of the enemy. The loganberry brought their Titan back with the reinforcements rule and Abbadons fist finally fell, but a defiled and the brass scorpion moved in and finished it off once again. Victory chaos! A good time was had by all check out the vid, and I humbly submit my list.

Abbadon the despoiler with ten terminator champs, MoN, five combo meltas five chainfists, one reaper autocannon.

Typhus with ten terminator champs, five combo meltas, five chainfists, reaper autocannon, and of course MoN.

Khan the betrayer, eight plague marines, one champ with powerfist and llama pistol, melta gun plasma gun, in rhino with extra armor and havoc launcher. Fabius bile, Lucius the eternal, and Huron set up the same way with plague marines in rhinos.

Three squads of three obliterators

Two defilers with two Extra cc weapons

Two land raiders with extra armor and combo meltas

Brass scorpion of khorne

Three deamon princes with MoN wings and warptime

Corrupted techmarine with five servitors

Corrupted Lucius pattern warhound Titan Abbadons Fist

7500 PTS

General Bass out!

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