Sunday, May 13, 2012

TRAITOR SCUM, part four

Demon Prince: Warhammer40k painting commission for the dark gods.

 Love this model! The muscles, big toothy evil smiles, gigantic wings and menacing weaponry - really a Painters dream in almost every way.

 The kit itself is not to be loved, not nearly as much. The model almost snaps together with very little work. As for heads and arms and weapons, there are three main variants that can be mixed and matched easily. Wings and little backpack stubs are available for back pieces, and a couple of different loincloth setups as well. That Is all great really, what is Not great is that the model really only has one pose available. Due to the build/sculpt, all wonderful plastic kit demon princes are basically cursed and sentenced to the same pose across the galaxy. I am sure there are some type of good reasons for this somewheres, but I dont like it.

This particular Prince of Excess had a habit of getting unnecessarily rowdy wheresoever he found himself hanging out at the Murder Factory.

 Plenty of the Emperors Enforcers hanging around these parts. Not a problem, a lot of fun actually!

Chaos Traitor Scum Astartes battling their way through a horde of evil robots currently, they are on their way soon!

Thanks everyone!!!

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