Friday, February 8, 2013

88th Army 269th Regiment: Death Korps of Krieg

We are living out the Wild Wild West days of Sixth Edition Warhammer 40k. The naysayers and proponents of 40k 5.5 have all but faded into oblivion as new Army Books smash into us and the 2013 Tournament season gets fired up - the MURDER on the tabletops couldn't be better!

In the final month before the 2013 Bay Area Open GT the next project up for production from the MURDER Factory is Death Korps of Krieg with Grey Knight allies. The IG Krieg portion of the project is entirely Forgeworld - featured on one hundred percent Secret Weapon Miniatures scenic bases. At the 1500-2k point range this Army will drop 12-20 barrage markers, can field up to 4 fliers, and at its largest footprint will have 6 or less vehicles on the table. The Grey Knight element is led by none other than Coteaz and Thawn. General Casey of Wolfbrothers is licking is lips in anticipation...

Every base in the Army comes direct from Secret Weapon Miniatures. General Casey painstakingly selected a mixture of the Urban Rubble and Trench Work lines. Its more fun for us if we let you figure out which is which. In my experience anything and everything from Secret Weapon is awesome and amazing, including their incredible customer service! Thanks Mr Justin (and everyone else of course!) Next post we will show off how we "painted" these bases using only Secret Weapon products.

The Army itself started off like most projects - a huge pile of model kit boxes crammed into the build room. The Forgeworld stuff came in a BIG BOX of plastic baggies, and ended up something like this once everything was sorted etc. Absolutely beautiful models, and very little Forgeworld-problems on about 99% of the project. Everything cleaned up and snapped together nicely for the most part. The Krieg infantry models specially, as I expected some very dirty and "interesting" stuff to come out of those baggies.

Heavy Mortars
Thudd Guns
 Sabre Platforms

The next installment will detail the paint process on the bases, and then we will show off the underpainting and more! Thanks everyone!


  1. Antioch is going to be witness to the ultimate test of cerebral fitness. The Wolfbrothers will come unto thee Spastic as tameless horses. Bathed in the foreshadowed victory they so richly deserve and strive towards.

  2. This is a common Interrogator-Chaplain technique...He(chuck) will make a complimentary statement to align with the interogatee and then he will rip his nut sack off with a pair of rusty pliers and take the models for himself! Beware the sons of the warp!

  3. Getting pics onto the blog has been hell lately, glad everyone likes!

    BAO will be a BloodBath.... Wolfbrothers fight just to fight, for the fun of the Fight itself, for GLORY and IMMORTALITY!

    Death To The Enemies Of The Wolfbrothers!

  4. What can I say. Suffer bot the heretic.