Sunday, April 28, 2013

Double Edged Victory! Murderwing first amongst equals(?).

That's right bitches....The dynamic duo of General Oadius and ShotDownMind have prevailed again!  A chaplain amongst our numbers decided to hold a sweet little teams tournament for 2 x 1000 point lists and the hardcore to baby seals showed up for the Murdermake.  Thanks be to Travis and Heroes Games & Hobbies for letting us have some fun on a Saturday.

General Oadius Grey Knights = 1000 points "snooker"


5x Terminators
2x Halberds, 2x Hammers, 1x Psycannon

10x Grey Strikes
3x Halberds, 1x Hammer, 2x Psycannon
Psybolt ammunition

3x Henchmen
Warrior Acolytes

10x Purgation
2x Halberds, 2x Hammer, 4x Psycannon
Psybolt and Teleport Homer

Imperial Bastion

Shotdownmind Dark Angels = 1000 points "Ravenwing lite"

Librarian with Jump Pack
Power Field Generator

Command Squad
Banner of Devastation

10 x Bolter Scouts

6x Ravenwing Bikers

6x Ravenwing Bikers

Land Raider Crusader

So if you can read a list or know anything about Warhammer 40k then you'll see we have an ass load of anti-infantry.  No flyers, very little armor and not a huge body count.  How did we win you ask...we cheated!  No, not really but we did feel a certain guilty glee when we were using astral aim and prescience to light up anything that got within reach of the Bastion and the guns therein.  Meanwhile the Landraider and it's Salvo madness fired so much Dakka at anything that wasn't in range of the Bastion that the enemy generals had a hard time dealing with it.  The bottom line is that we never gave up and always got first blood and slay the Warlord and that was usually the only margin of victory that we managed.  The truth is that we had 3 incredibly close games and really played well.  I'll toot my own horn whenever I fucking feel like it and especially after a great victory such as this.  For those of you who tournaments, are by far the most competitive format you'll find yourself engaged in.  SDM and I have had our share of experience in them and that was probably the difference there at Heroes.  We truly feel like we played "fun" lists instead of the 4 flyers, 150 body count competitive lists that we toyed with the idea of bringing. 

We played against:

1st game
Tau Character madness and Eldar runes of warding round 1.  We killed the runes farseer by turn 2 and the game was ours to lose at that point. 

2nd game
Tau suits, firewarriors and 2 hammerheads and Nid Paper.  They never had a chance. 

3rd game
Chaos mean = 4 Maulerfiends, 2 Heldrakes, a blog of cultists, Nurgle Sorcerer and Necrons with 2x Doomscythe, Immortals, royal court and some lords....  The difference here was the 4+ invulnerable that Coteaz got on the Divination table and the PFG on the Librarian.  We shot off a baleflamer with I've been expecting you and it was all down hill for the chaos/cron team from there.