Sunday, May 5, 2013

Faster than a Knife Fight in a phone booth...

Lately at the Murder Factory we have been building and painting reinforcements for other projects - on the back table we have been scratching that new army itch since sometime in March with the newly dropped Dark Angels Codex.

The New Army is a lumbering Work In Progress, with some of the initial 'meat and potatoes' nearing the final stages - ready for markings and other fun upgrades.

Getting back into power armor has been great fun and challenging in all directions. The main goal for the Paint on this army is to meet the minimum paint requirements for any competitive event while being quick and easy to add to. 

Learning to play the Dark Angels has been a treat. Whipping them into a real MURDER force on the battlefield  has been quite the journey on several levels. I have a new appreciation for my super scary Dark Eldar sDm Kabal as well as various types Space Marine Armies. 

Dreadnoughts, Librarians, Scouts and Tacticals - meat and potatoes for a Space Marine chapter, right?

Dark Angels Command Squad.  They can afford to strike a pose as they will spend the rest of their time almost exclusively inside the Land Raider.

The Banner of Pew Pew Pew. 

Always new models and units ready to be 'painted in.' Here our Interrogator-Chaplain with jump pack and Apothecary for the Command squad. 

After the meat and potatoes wave, we will have the... vegetables?

For The Joy Of The Hunt! HOWL!!!


  1. Hey bro, I heard you like comments! But really this is some solid work. I'm doing a Storm Talon and will have some juicy pics for you soon.