Sunday, June 30, 2013

If that don’t get your fire started, your wood’s wet.

Last weekend Team Wolfbrothers made it down the mountain to stomp around at the June Twin Linked Team Tournament at Great Escape Games in Sacramento, California. We brought our classic GK/DE combo and went to town on the MURDER!!!

The competition was Brutal and as cutthroat as ever - just our kind of crowd! 18 hardcore teams finished the murderous event, a truly epic showing for a team tournament, and one of our most favorite tournaments we have ever attended. 

First Round we faced off versus a very shooty Black Templar/Grey Knight combo, with about 12 twin linked Lascannons, a Vindicare, and a Vindicator pointed at our Bastion. After the initial shootout, the game was settled quickly as the Beast unit lead by The Baron literally ripped through the core of the enemy army over the course of a few rounds of close combat, making short work of The Emperors Champion surrounded by a Reclusiarch led Crusader blob, and then hopscotching over to eat Coteaz and his bodyguards as well. Scary murderous MURDER! 

Round Two saw the MURDERwing matched up versus a Grey Knight/Tyranid combo. With the Swarmlord leading the hive and a Stormraven full of grenade-Inquisitor led Dealth Cult assassins on the other side of the table. We could not make or win a single pre-game roll the entire event, but this round our opponents opted to have us deploy first! With all the Baron and Coteaz tricks up our sleeve this was the only time we even got to think about going first. With Nightfighting in effect our opponents felt the teeth... and fangs and claws and PSYBOLT ammo of our list immediately - accounting for the Swarmlord as first blood, modified slay the warlord, and killpoints for a fast 5vp lead from the get. The Beasts munched on a buffet-style meal of Gaunts and Grey Knight fixings to eventually tear through 6+ units by game end. 

Round 3 we saw ourselves matched against our good friends and rival cutthroat Generals Cody Jiru and Matt Bess of the Sac City Punishers clan. They were rocking their championship Beast Dark Eldar/Drop Pod Space Wolves list. It was a No Holds Barred matchup that both Cody and myself were looking forward to and dreading all day long as we eyed each others Beast units.  

Be sure to check out Cody's blog - Punisher's 40k - detailing his exploits as THE top ranked Dark Eldar player in the country. 

The game was Epic, hard fought, and surprisingly close in the end. We went 2nd and deployed cleverly to attempt to foil the Space Wolf drop pod assault, and funnel the enemy beasts to where our beasts could get the first charge. Our clever deployment turned out to be majorly flawed, and even after their alpha strike took its toll we were able to capture first blood, and line our beasts up for the game winning first charge! Which failed in Epic cinematic fashion, rolling two and three inch charges even with fleet rerolls! 

The Sac City Punishers pounced on our errors and shortcomings and went about gutting our army. Only our blood-lust and love for Murder on the tabletop combined with some lucky rolls held small amounts of tenacious soldiers in place on the battlefield and allowed us to fight on for a possible narrow victory that we eventually forced the Sacramento dawgs to claw from our cold dead hands. Great MURDER and good times, we love it.

We had amazing Murderous fun! Mark of the Sac City Punishers runs a fantastic event as always, and we cant wait for our next Hunt in Sacramento and Great Escape Games!


  1. By far the best game of the day! I'm glad it came down to us at the end! Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon!

  2. aye i think this games of the 4 of you will be talked about for a long while for being so epic.

  3. Awesome coverage of the event! Your final game against Yeeman and Bess could of gone either way, it seemed like a fairly even match up as your two armies balanced well against each other. Gratz on wining "Players choice" Best Army!

  4. You Mangy Murder Mutts - we cant wait for more!