Monday, February 24, 2014

Spell check corrects "farseer" to GARDENER..... ominous, auspicious or just obvious?

     "Where is Doug?", the same inquiry made over and over again. The lamentations of the truly disappointed and near suicidal masses were all that could be heard, yesterday at Great Escape Games.  The throng of Twin Linked Competitors could hardly suffer the absence of their most inspiring comrade and brother general...Douglas Bevard the 3rd, AKA: Shotdownmind, AKA Amazing Tits, AKA DB3.
     Only the Saint himself, Mark Broughton, could console them.  The Saint bore a mysterious banner tied up and held in reverence.  Rumors were floating on the winds of whispered words that the work Mark held was none other than a holy work.  A holy work that was commissioned by the Saint to commemorate a great victory of Douglas',  a victory that to took place on that very soil where they all stood now.
     An unrequested silence took hold of the crowd as Mark stepped up to address us.  Not a single cough, nor mutter heard as he spoke, and speak he did. Lord Broughton had a way of speaking that reached the back of a room easily, yet caressed the front row with intimacy.  The greatest of remembrancer dare not cannibalize such graceful oratory with apathetic verbatim(and so I will not).  At the end, Mark untied the giant banner and held it aloft.  Tears streamed and children beamed with intensity as grown men sobbed or screamed in ectasy.  The glory the banner depicted and the sheer artisan with which the banner was created was overwhelming.  A man, who seemed both worthy and humble, stepped forward to fasten the banner onto the wall.  That was when the crowd's emotion climaxed and spontaneous singing erupted, along with blood lusting and the orgies.  Sacrifices were later made(of all types) to appease the Pantheon and / or the Emperor and beseech divine approval.

     I hear tell that the pace and fervor with which the banner has been beholden has not slackened in the 24 hours since it was presented.  Even now the chanting of "Long live the Wolfbrothers!" and "Death to the Enemies of the Wolfbrothers!" assault my thoughts like a freshly burned retina.   Yay, the glory and righteousness of the Wolfbrothers is great.  Forever may they slay for slaying's sake.


  1. LOL, that's some proclamation but you guys earned the banner going 6 and 0 in the TLGT last December. Prob the best bet I ever lost over a pint at the Bon Lair. Congratz again guys.. WOLFBROTHERS!!

  2. You bet against Us? Did you bet a Wolfbrother?