Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"The Dice"

We are all pretty superstitious about “the dice” and no doubt many of you have noticed more than a few weird or dubious habits amongst your friends or enemies in the 40k universe.

I have played Dice games since I was very young. The magic and mystery of the dice has always been something I have assumed. The fervor over Adepticon 2010 nonsense really got my attention. Seems to have worked out in the end but it was quite a big deal on the internets at the time.

We are a big fan of the NOVA format and very excited to seeing this event and others play out in the future. Battle For Salvation will be a High level competitive GT event and will INCLUDE GW DICE for all participants. (Although they are allowing competitors to use their own GW DICE… maybe that will change.)

Doing just a little bit of looking around on the internets and you will find out that it is easy to tamper with dice and that most dice are flawed to begin with. So IT IS a big deal in the end.

The best resource you will find on this topic for w40k players:

Online Dice Rolling Tool:

Dice Tower:

Since YOU ARE interested:

Dont get carried away, ya'all.

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