Thursday, February 2, 2012

Looking For A Fight: The Army Of General Oadius

Been working tirelessly to complete the Army of General Oadius to a very high standard. Definitely these models look fantastic and the hard work has paid off! 

I know that General Oadius has approved of this lot, what do you think?

Everything is in there as envisioned and beyond in many cases. Super-highlights, Object source lighting, weathering on top of weathering, awesome mud basing, and of course Shiny Silver Armor of the Emperors Finest!

AND Shiny Gold Armor too! Coteaz is in his element, and so is General Oadius! Watchout at a Tournament Near You! 

Of course we have Draigo and friends ready for Murder also! In addition to all of the elbow grease, we have used Secret Weapon Miniature technology all over the army, but specifically the Mud and Water basing kit for the Army-wide bases, and on the scenified TableWar Army Case model trays.

Thanks everyone!

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