Saturday, April 28, 2012

TRAITOR SCUM, part three

 Rhinos! Five of the beautiful pink things - you can never paint enough Rhinos, Never!

 They got their start in a small town in Northern Nevada. White/Grey/Black primer as initial under-painting is a must 'round these parts.

A quick visit with the monkey at the changing table before building the final Rhino. Babies first heresy corrupted Rhino, cute! 

Most of the effect on the pink armor was achieved in five stage airbrush mixture, old GW Regal Blue mixed up into old GW Warlock Purple. After the details and a few highlights were installed, a light coat of old GW Scorched Brown was worked up on the bottom part of the Rhinos as a basis for the dirt and mud.

Mixed water, glue, dirt, and Rhinos together with extreme prejudice. 

When everything is mostly setup I went through with an old large drybrush and knocked off the bigger stuff or anything out of place - especially too high on the models or too much excess in the track holes. 

 It turns out the less water in the dirt mix the better really, less time to dry and a more durable finish. After the dirt was dry and any final adjustments complete, some quick and light coats of Old GW Bleached Bone, Graveyard Earth, and Scorched Brown are built up to finish the mud effect.

Thanks everyone! 

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