Sunday, April 15, 2012

TRAITOR SCUM, part one

Blight Drones are AMAZING Warhammer 40k models from Forgeworld! Recently I have had the pleasure of building and painting a large part of a Chaos Space Marine army. The drones were models I had never seen or even heard of before, so I was very excited to get down with the Nurglely tasties most of all!

Besides being traitorous chaos scum, there is not much back story here that matters. They are sweet models, in great condition and easy to build. Although no flying stands or bases were included from Forgeworld.

Each drone came in its own little bag. Sure some of the little pipes and detail bits were broken or warped or covered in too much useless flash, it happens. Ive seen much much worse on the internets. Plus it was nothing a little greenstuff here and there wouldent cure.

For the flying stands I drilled deep holes into the underside of each and inserted hanger wire almost 3/4" into the models. Very strong and bendable for balanced positioning of flying drones over the base.

I attached them to the base using hot glue and rocks.

Later I added more rocks, washers, greenstuff and plenty of CA and bent the wire to position the models over the center of the bases.

One of the drones is actually pooping.

This was very carefully modeled using piano wire, strips of foil, and greenstuff. 

Wrapped two long strands of piano wire in opposite directions over the hanger.

Then roughly wrapped the strips of foil.

Over the foil went thin layers of greenstuff, and a fully sculpted pile over the rocks below.

As mentioned above, some greenstuff was used to repair or remodel some of the pipes or pipe holes on the underside of the drones. Thankfully they are traitorous chaos scum, so it was easy to do. Liquid greenstuff used over normal greenstuff to hide any seams etc.

I used up the first batch of white/grey/black primer that I made. This was the FIFTH army primered using only Five pots of citadel paints with distilled water.

Dark Angel Green over the black areas and a Goblin Green overcoat over that and a good portion of the rest of the models.

Blood Red mixed into the green in three stages was the final color effect. With the poop-vomit model, pretty much every level of decay of all sorts is represented on each drone.

I have no clue what these nasty things do on the battlefield, but they sure look awesomely rotten!

Thanks Everyone!


  1. They are super evil on the table. Fast AV12 skimmers with BS2 Battle Cannons and I believe a TL-autocanon plus a template weapon of some kind..... a ton of shooty crap. They laugh at weapon destroyed results! They are a real pain in the ass for something you can take 9 of at 125 points each (3 x 3). I'm looking forward to having some missile target practice in a few weeks :-).

  2. very nice job! the red finish looks good, though I'm personally a fan of the all green, slimy, nurgly way of doing them :)

  3. NURGLE! Ahhh a subject close to my heart, with chaos leigons and 6th edition bein released this summer I have a renewed interest in my own nurgle army. This is just the inspiration I need to get working on it again, I will have to take some pics and start a thread on my death guard. Plus I have a mortarion model I have been working on and will need some paint. The color scheme you used looks great and I live the bases, SDM has done it again.