Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Army of General Oadius: Reinforcements

 The Army Of General Oadius, like the Myth-Legend himself, is a BEAST on the Battlefield. This month the Army nearly doubles in size with the arrival of Reinforcements in the form of Grey Knight Purifiers, Terminators, and a handful of awesome characters. 

Death To The Enemies of the Wolfbrothers!

 Many of the new Terminators are magnetized to enable General Oadius a wide variety of deployment options. You never know when you will need More Initiative 6 or Strength 8 Force Weapons....

Can there ever be enough psycannons, stormbolters, and power weapons? The answer is NO.

 We actually built an entirely separate Purifier list to start with....

 We crafted a couple models that could represent Anvil Thawn, as well as Brother Captain Stern and Mordrak....

Thanks everyone!

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  1. ooh lordy...can't wait to unleash 30 purifiers onto my enemies. Mordrak will be insanely fun too. Great work SDM. Another amazing commission nearly completed.