Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reclusiarch Report - 6th edition preparation

 With the 5th edition of Warhammer 40,000 coming to a close, we need to prepare the chapter for a new dawn.  Chapter Master Shotdownmind has brought our generals together under a single, Wolfbrother banner, the result of which has been astonishing.  In a very short time our club has amassed honors and victory in the toughest tournaments and amongst the strongest competitors on the entire West coast.  We have not only built a name for the club and it's top generals we have also developed a base of new generals to replace us when our time is at an end.  We have forged alliances and friendships based on trust and mutual respect amongst our greatest peers.  Most importantly though, are the bonds we forge amongst ourselves as Wolfbrothers.  However diverse a group of generals though we may have we are the stronger because of it.  All that and in one paragraph too...

We, as a club, are just getting started.  Shotdownmind's plans extend much farther than some 1st place finishes and impressive youngsters, they include holding an annual GT in Reno under the Wolfbrother's Standard, regular sponsorship of our best generals to the Nova and possibly Adepticon and so much more.  So with that in mind, I would urge the following...

** Get the 6th Edition rulebook more models until you know what you will want to buy using the 6ed rules.  This is more for the competitive generals that don't have a huge gaming budget, but I think it's prudent for all of us to consider. 

** Don't read the 6th edition rulebook and constantly compare it to how it differs from 5th.  We will all need to keep an open mind.  5th edition is only relevant up to the next CoC in Sacramento and then it is as dead as dead as dead, it's fucking dead and it won't mean anything to anyone.  So find your niche within 6th and dig in deep. 

** Don't read the rulebook half ass, read the whole thing and don't begin to digest it until you have read it cover to cover.  Only in it's(6ed rules) entirety will you truly understand the field of war in it's new context. 

** Don't get discouraged.  Wolfbrother's are meant to walk victory's path, it is inevitable.  We alone have as many great minds in one place and all of them willing to communicate with one another their insight.  We alone will practice and practice until victory is as natural as breathing. 

** Never stop in your quest to become a better 40,000 player.  It is a metaphor for life or something.

In his infinite wisdom, Shotdownmind, once again summons us to meet and prepare for war.  The primer tourney and club meeting will further unite our brothers and we shall count the new brothers and aspirants amongst us.  We shall honor our brothers who have been promoted and wage war amongst ourselves to finely hone our generals into apex killers.  So remember to bring yourself to Heroes Games and Hobbies on the 30th of June, 2012. 


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  1. aye and remember with every new set of rules they have made theirs always miss interpolation so talk to each other on the rules so all of us understand and play the game together