Tuesday, July 3, 2012

There is Only WAR!!!

Saturday June30th we gathered the most Notorious Wolfbrother Generals for what could be their last 5th edition Warhammer 40k games. To our great surprise, many of the most Notorious Sac City Punishers made the haul up the mountain from Sacramento to partake in our Club Meeting and CoC PRIMER Tournament! 

It was a blast in all ways! The tables were FULL, the Prizes were bountiful, and the MURDER on the Tabletops was absolutely HARDCORE!

 We had piled up more than a few awesome prizes for RAFFLE and the victorious Generals that day. We really couldn't give them away fast enough! We thought the Storm Talon was pretty exciting, but we had a last minute Valkyrie donated!!! We were also sporting a ton of mini kits and a blister of vintage Space Marine Casualties from the new Heroes Games & Hobbies owners John & Ben Allison. That is in addition to our many dice bags, 6e special items, and more than a few boxes of troops, like Space Marine Scouts and Eldar Rangers!!!

 We cant thank everyone enough for showing up to support the club and take part in the Warhammer 40k 5e MURDER and GLORY!!! Heroes Games & Hobbies, Sac City Punishers, WOLFBROTHERS, and everyone else who stopped by just to buy something and get in on the various RAFFLES. Wow! You really are our lifeblood, thanks again!!!

 Sactowne cutthroats came heavy for the MURDER and PRIZES!

 They made a big show about being there just for fun, but we know they came for REVENGE! In the grim darkness of the far future, MURDER is FUN!!!

The Army Of General Oadius was on the tabletops warming up for the big deal at Great Escape Games, Sacramento on July 28th! HOWL!!! 

Many of the Wolfbrothers' finest were in attendance. 

The Sanguinor made more than one appearance.

 The local bugs were sucking blood as usual!

 Outflanking with style, Omegaprime and his goody-goody minions were there in force.

 Sactowne's bleary eyed "secret weapon" - The Dogstar wrecked face!

 Madfjohn and his Ork monstrosity rampaged around the local battlefields. What will those crazy Orks do with a looted artichoke?

 We are the BIGSHOW in Reno/Sparks Nevada! Watch closely for our next event!

General Ian putting the hurts on General Kevofett, clinching the win as BEST OVERALL for the day!

 Special thanks to Heroes Games & Hobbies John & Ben for letting us takeover the store on fantasy day, and pack the place with tables and 40k players! They even setup the tables and terrain for us! What a great time!!!



  1. Great tournament, with any luck SDM managed to shoot some video of the event.

  2. Looks Like a blast! Wish I was there. Miss you guys.