Monday, July 30, 2012

CRUSADE: 2k Contest of Champions

If you know the Wolfbrothers of Reno, then you know we Love the game of Warhammer40k.  The brand new Sixth edition to us has been like giving free unlimited crack to a crackhead. We embrace the new game in all ways and encourage everyone else, young and old, baby seal and WAAC player, naysayer and supporters to do the same.

The July28th 2k Contest Of Champions at Great Escape Games, Sacramento was originally scheduled to be a 5th edition Tournament, maybe the last of its kind. Early in July it was changed to the new Sixth Edition to the delight of many - although in addition to their standard Composition scoring, Allies and 2nd FoC were outright banned. This tournament is full of some of the most hardcore and brutal Generals in the Region and as long as we are able, we wouldn't even think of missing such an event inside our hunting grounds - so of course we made our standard preparations and went on the Hunt.


 We live Warhammer40k and that means playing as much as possible, even if its not nearly as often as we would prefer. Like many other groups and clubs, out came our Deathstars, Flyers, and much neglected Fortifications. We put the beatdown on each other just as much if not more than anyone else, and we cant get enough!

 Sixth Edition really is amazing. Its a whole new game. Several new list archetypes have emerged instantly and even when attacked and modified by the know-it-alls with their expert hats, the core of the game is brand spanking new. We really cant stress enough our support for the new game system and its wonderful possibilities. Allies? 2nd FoC? Fortifications? Flyers? Psykers? "Come at me bro!!!"

 The Army Of General Oadius received a very snazzy group of reinforcements in the last week before the Tournament. He will tell you himself the jump troops were very useful.

The sDm Kabal added more than a few Jumpys as well. Dont leave home without your Jump Infantry folks!

  The Contest of Champions and Great Escape Games were Incredible. The store, the tables, the terrain, the staff always the epitome of excellence. Everything we expected and more of course.

 Round One saw yours truly matched against General Mark of the Sac City Punishers rocking his evil Footdar. He snatched victory from me 4 to 3 playing "Purge The Alien" mission. Mark is a brutal general and a great guy, we had a ton of fun and enjoyed a complete bloodbath. Thanks again Mark!

General Travis blew away the first round 20-0 and didn't even give up a single Victory Point. 

General Oadius smashed up some Space Marines.

 General Ian also moved on 20-0 barely grabbing the win from a sneaky Tau army.

 Round Two the sDm Kabal faced the Necron Flyerwing with Five Nightscythes and Two Doomscythes. It was a brutal matchup that ended in a Tie.

 General Travis attempts to locate High Sorcerer Matt at the Start of Round Three!

 Round Three I was forced to facedown the all-but-broken Fortress Of Redemption. Surprisingly there was only one Army there featuring such a beast. Turn One was Nightfight: Belial and Ezekiel with a Deathwing Garrison prepared for the crazed sDm Kabal assault.

 The Dark Eldar threw themselves at the Fortress in waves of pain.

Voidraven Bombers really put the hurt on the Imperial Defenders.

 At one point Belial, Ezekiel, and the Deathwing Apothecary were forced to jump off the battlements, and the tide of the battle began to favor the Dark Eldar as the Apothecary was killed from the impact of the fall.

In the End the Fortress was very much intact, but Dark Eldar Jumpys claimed the Dark Angel objective, and the sDm Kabal had a party atop the battlements!

Meanwhile General Oadius cinched his spot as the Overall Leader for the year with a third victory for the day.

  The Tops of the Floating terrain were "unplaceable" even Jump Infantry, Jetbikes, and Skimmers were unable to attempt the feat.

 He would later be proclaimed Best General! 

Death To The Enemies Of The Wolfbrothers!!!

 HEROES WEAR BLACK: Matt Bess of the Sac City Punishers representing on the top tables! He won this awesome dice bag at the Wolfbrothers CoC PRIMER Tournament last month.

General Ian of Wolfbrothers brought the heat and fought his way into 4th place and Best Sport for the day! HOWL!!!

We had an amazing time as usual and enjoyed every bit of MURDER on the TABLETOP.

Thank you Great Escape Games and Sac City Punishers, until next time!

Remember - For the Wolf, there is Only the Joy of the HUNT!!!


  1. Doug, great coverage of the event! Our game on Saturday was a blast and was a really fun way to open up the tournament for the day. I thought the Wolfbrothers really showed their collective skills as murdering generals and played some really great games. Can't wait to see all you guys next month at your COC 2,250 primer event up in Reno.

  2. Congrats on the success Brothers. I regretfully missed this event, but expect me to make my resurgence soon.

    Keep us posted about the primer.

  3. Great job guys! I hate that floating terrain. It is very unwieldy and no one seems to know what to do with it. But calling the tops impassible just seems like such a waste. Oh well, maybe we will figure it out someday.