Wednesday, December 19, 2012

444th Special Forces: PBS

The Psychic Battle Squad of the 444th! These squishys are actually some of the heaviest guns in the Imperial Gun Line, which means the Army Of General Oadius could not go without one, or even TWO!

These guys keep the rest of the bunch... focused

We are rocking the old school, pewter for the win!

On the tabletop, the PBS can be full of awesome and utility.


  1. Love the old pewter models! Keep it up!

  2. No one I've ever played against had these models...we had to order them through GEG from GW. So I've got that going for me....

  3. even blown up these models look amazing! Great work DB3!

  4. I will be fielding a farseer with my Tau for the foreseeable future.