Thursday, July 18, 2013

...And if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle.

In the last month General Oadius has (for some reason) started to pull his own weight, adding two wings to the MURDER factory all by himself. At first it looked like he was just locked up like normal playing Space Marine as his habit of not showering and not shaving for 3mo+ at a time didn't change - but out popped this Top Shelf Necron Army complete with custom Army Board and custom Aegis. Wow!

The board is modular, every model including the custom objective markers are magnetized in place, and light kits from PoweredPlay Gaming are cleverly installed so that you may change the batteries, or even move the lights if you are so inclined. 

General Oadius has assured me that no crayons were harmed during the completion of this product. This Pro-Painted Army sold on Ebay before I could even finish writing this blogpost. Of course - in true MURDER factory fashion, the artist has already moved on to TWO new projects - we wouldent have it any other way. 

"Workbench 1" is full of Blood Angels! So is Workbench 2! General Oadius has amassed a gigantic collection of Armies, and the New Blood Angels are sure to be a treat. Although, there have been no guarantees of Crayon safety for this project. 

So the question is then beggared: what is ShotDownMind working on? Well in addition to tying up more than a handfull of loose ends, Workbenches "Pain" & "Glory" are filled with the greater good - a Farsight bomb Tau Army that promises to provide quite the tickle.

It wouldn't be The MURDER factory if the queue wasent full of projects - next in line is the Bass-Dar Star Orphans - served up whining, crying, and pickled like your mom!

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