Monday, August 12, 2013

I wasn't even supposed to be here!

Three Wolfbrothers made an impromptu trip down to the Golden Throne GT in Pleasanton, CA for some hot and nasty 40k action. General Oadius, general Forrest, and myself made the last minute trip to secure glory for the Wolfbrothers. I say impromptu as I was not even planning on going due to work commitments that were cancelled at the last moment, and Forrest had only decided to go the day before. The Golden Throne GT is a brutal 2k PTS double force org, allies, fortifications, and forgeworld tournament. As this was a last minute trip (I literally found out I was gonna go noon the day before) and I had just finished moving, I brought my trusty death guard list that I took to the BAO with some minor tweaks. General Oadius brought the fortress of redemption and his grey knights, and general Forrest brough triple helldrakes, typhus, and three nightscythes and a doomsythe, ultra cheese list for the tourney!

The tournament the first day consisted of pods, and all of the undefeated players from each pod would go onto single elimination the next day while the rest of the field would compete in an RTT the same day the finals were being played. My first round was against an IG blob list with creed, saber platforms, an aegis with quad gun and all the nastiness the IG could muster. I got my butt kicked most of the game by the IG shooting nastiness until my plague marines with boo. Buffed champions and typhus with his terminator bodyguard hit his lines. The plague marines smashed one side of his lines getting the warlord, and typhus smashed the other side breaking a blob squad and consolidating six inches to contest the enemy objective and score line breaker. Zombies were holding my objective in the backfield so the game ended on turn six and typhus had won the game for me, what an animal.

Game two was against a blood angel mech list with drop pods and tycho. The mission was kill points and the game went very quickly with oblits opening up razorbacks like tin cans and helldrakes mopping up the occupants. VOTLW proved to be quite useful and a squad of plague marines with a power fist champ mopped up tycho and his squad of veterans. My shooting and cc were relentless and my opponent conceded on turn four.

Game three had a bit of confusion o. Pairings and I ended up playing those crazy orks. Battle wagons, bikes, meganobz in a war wagon with da boss and hordes of ard boyz. The shooting and helldrakes combined with good tactics proved too much and my opponent was tabled at the end of turn four. Those crazy orks. So I went undefeated for the day and on to the finals for Sunday, general Oadius was feeling the pain and went 0-3 and Forrest went 2-1. On a side note we left at 5 am that morning to make the trek, I had four hours of sleep, general Oadius had three, and Forrest didn't sleep but in the car for an hour or two and we got a speeding ticket in the way there!

Day two was a blast with the final eight duking it out for the top spot. I played a taudar or eldau list from a fella named Adam who would go on to win the tournament. He played a tough versatile list with farseers, dark reapers, d-scythe wraith guard, a riptide, commander with chip, and some broadsides with an Icarus aegis line. The way you setup was to roll to set objectives and then roll tablesides and first turn. I set up the objectives foolishly and it would en up costing me the game. Basically he won first turn an castles up leaving me to hurdle as fast as I could at his lines and hope to do some Killy Killy choppy choppy. First turn was nightfighting and he killed a couple autocannon havocs and I penned a wave serpent but serpent sheilds dropped it to a glance. I zoomed the plague marines up in their rhinos hoping to gain some ground. Typhus and the terminators deepstriking in the enemies backfield and a squad of oblits also deep struck in the backfield but misshaped into ongoing reserves. His riptide fired an interceptor shot that scattered back on top of itself an had nova charged two more wounds on itself. His entire army shot at typhus and friends leaving typhus with a wound and his riptide charged typhus. He smash attacked and I made both invuls but whiffed my own attacks. The fifth turn say typhus get squashed by the riptide which was quite hilarious an by far the funniest moment of the tourney for both of us! We were out of time at the end of the turn an I had two objectives to his one but he had first blood, warlord and line beaker. Super close game considering the pickle i started in, an a great opponen that was lots of fun. That was the end of the tourney for my but I had a great time watching the other final games and the only thing I saw that trumped typhus biting it to the riptide was Frankie playing Reece and defeating himself with the most tremendous amount of ones rolled in a single game for the tourney. Adam my opponent that beat me ended up beating Reece an being top dawg putting me in fifth place overall for a tournament I wasn't even supposed to be at with no allies, no forgeworld, no fortifications, an no double force org. Lmao Robert and co put on a great event that was a ton of fun. Oh yea here's the list I played.


Four terminators with MON PF on champ and gift.

2x8 plague marines with melta, plasma, fist and gift on the champs on rhinos.

2x10 zombies

2x helldrakes with bale flamers

Four autocannon havocs with champ

2x3 oblits w MON

VOTLW on all units besides zombies


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  1. Edit- I was holding one and contesting one objective so he ended up beating me on secondaries