Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Can't You Taste This Gold?

Two weeks ago the Expert Hat clan of Martinez, Ca. declared the new game out of the box as, "stupid, broken, and unfun." They pasted their list of Houserules and Limitations meant to curb players from getting into "bad habits" of playing a "certain way" all over the internets. They declared all dissenters crazy heretics and told us to go do it ourselves. After a ultra-scientific weekend poll they have now offered to take our money to watch them eat their hats: today they announced their flagship event will be held without almost any of the changes and limitations that were required and urgent just a few days earlier. 

What happened? They were literally shouting about how busted the game was. They are Experts and had completed exhaustive testing. Were they wrong? Did new variables appear? Did they just suddenly wake up and come to their senses out of the blue? Are they just following what almost all TOs all over the world are doing and selling it to us like its their bright idea? 

We will have to see what they do exactly with the ITC FAQ, as it has been a source of hidden and last minute Houserules and Limitations in the past. At this point in time they have almost changed their tune entirely, now its about the community' voice being heard and embraced. Its pure hilarity to see the Expert Hats figure out that we should play the game a little before we go about fucking it all up. 

Whats really going on here is the same old ultimate motivator - cold hard cash. I guess if you tell enough people if they don't like it then go somewhere else - they just might. Will there be Redbull girls and walls full of vendors at this event like the First BAO or just a tiny almost non existent selection like the LVO? What exactly are we purchasing this time around, a hardcore 40k Championship event or a fleeced pseudo convention/paint competition?

We are just seeing the results of the first skirmish for 7th Edition. Dont let up now 40k enthusiasts - keep stockpiling the hotsauce: there is a lot of not-so-tasty cranial apparel to be eaten out there.

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