Thursday, May 29, 2014

"The Hurrah"

Six days after the drop of the New Rulebook the Expert Hats have a whopping 12 games in, a couple battle reports, and hundred paragraphs telling us that the game is a Trainwreck and NEEDS immediate Expert Hat intervention to cobble together something that might resemble a tabletop war game. Blatantly they tell us that we don't even need to read their explanation, just know that they have put in the time and hard work to figure out just the right set of House rules and Limitations required to play the game correctly. In one seven-hour battle report they illustrated just how convoluted the rulebook is, how obviously broken the demon factory list is, and how unfair and unfun and just plain "stupid" the Maelstorm missions are. These guys sure are ultra scientific, how can we not appreciate their Exhaustive study. 

It all for show, a drama: we are being put together.

They tell us that "casual players" attend "grand tournaments" because they just want to get out of the house and have a go at a new, varied opponents. That these so-called casual players make up the bulk of Generals at such events, and that the House Rules and Limitations are NEEDED to provide an environment of "fun" variety. They say that these players don't want to win, but want to at least have the perception that winning is possible

They want us to believe that their Houserules both fix the game AND don't impact the game enough to change it into something else entirely. Just like a demon factory being so over powered that it cant win a Maelstorm mission Because the missions are broken. Never mind that they brought a list to a game that they knew before hand would have issues getting to objectives across the board. A complete charade designed to convince the mark (the rest of us) that their changes are absolutely necessary, and urgently needed. 

In just twelve games they have decided that the entire ruleset requires a huge amount of House rules and Limitations to meet all of these Obvious Requirements. The very same folks that have thrown out Relic and The Scouring just to turn around and complain about Flyer Lists. The very same folks that implemented the 2++ nerf and then at their very event explained that the top-eight lists proved that their Houserules did not impact the metagame, that it was purely to make sure that casual players had the mental perception that deathstars had been handled somehow. 

Its garbage on top of complete garbage delivered with a straight face like true professionals.

They want us to pay them to attend their Limited-40k Event so that we don't have to suffer the horribleness of a true 40k Unlimited Grand Tournament. They have spent more time writing articles about how Obviously Broken the entire game is then they have playing it, but they have the badass cranial apparel, so they are Obviously Correct. Tournaments and competitive events that you pay to attend and travel to are for the casual player after all, and the Expert Hats shoulder a massive responsibility.

There is no need to put in the hardwork necessary to defeat the demon factory. There is no need to build a list capable of winning Maelstorm missions. There is no need to even consider Altar of War missions even though they came hand in hand with the Super Heavies and Lords of War. They have done it all for us, they have fixed the game with timely set of House rules and Limitations to the rescue! If you dont agree then you are a stupid crazy heretic.

A classic con going just as planned. Provide an urgent need - unthinkable train wreck Heresy, and a chance at a big payoff - fun and trophies for all. 

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  1. The more I monitor the mainstream 40k sites, the more I agree with you. The speed with which certain TOs have implemented arbitrary restrictions is astounding.