Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dark Eldar Project: The Bases

Nemesis Attack Host

I started building a Dark Eldar army to build and paint and play something new in my local store's most recent Escalation League starting in January 2011. I have been paying very close attention to the new Codex since its release and have reluctantly become a big fan. Im sure many of you are very aware that only a few of the models and selections from the Codex are actually available currently. For me, that means Escalation League and the Dark Eldar are an awesome opporatunity.

The bases were an obvious place to start with this project. Ive learned my lessons building Tau and Space Wolf collections. Basing is a large part of Paint score in most tournaments, and they are easy points. The Tau have brown sand, and the Space Wolves snow of course, time for something new and better?

To get all the points I need multiple textures, and keeping in mind the growing Dark Eldar Host's future, the process would need to be fairly simple. I was stumped at first but eventually was halfway inspired by some accidental basing results of the past, and the other half straight from my friend Mike's Chaos army bases.

The Wire mesh would eventually work as a couple textures the same with the rocks. I will add static bits of "burnt grass" after the models are mounted and painted. I built a big base and four smaller bases first as my initial test.

1 - Spray paint white base
2 - Ink black,
3 - Paint edges black
4 - Ink rocks black again
5 - Ink wire brown, rocks near wire also
6 - Drybrush rocks Graveyard, Bone, and White
7- Paint wire Tin
8 - Black Ink touchup


Ready for Attack Host instalation

Built three more last minute: a fifth objective counter, an archon and succubus. The army looks graet on the bases and it just gets better from here.

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