Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dark Eldar Project: The Infantry

Nemesis Attack Host

 I am building a Dark Eldar army to paint and play something new in my local store's most recent Warhammer 40k Escalation League starting the first week of January.

 I got a few boxes of wyches, a box of reavers, and a raider to get started on a Monday morning. More Dark Eldar stuff, the rest of my 500pt list and a little more, was expected to arrive Friday that week. The first battles of the new Escalation League would start the following Monday - not a huge amount of time but not bad for 500pts.

I used Army Painter's Uniform Grey for the bulk of the army and Matt White for heads and other bits. Later I would grab Skeleton Bone for the various sails and other addon bits for vehicles. In the past I have built models and armies much differently - building the models, bases, everything to a finish point and then basing them Matt Black in most cases. In this case I planned to build and paint the bases separate from the rest of the army, and basing some of the parts differently should help speed up the paint process later. Also the army will have at least three colors once it is fully assembled, before paint.

As I mentioned I built and painted the bases separately. I used a process thats pretty simple and I will be able to repeat as necessary when the army grows. I built the Raider first, couldent help it. As for the Wyches I cleaned up and assembled the legs and torsos. Then attached those to a piece of wood with sticky-tack. Thier left-arm I left on the sprue but fancied it up and cut and cleaned all of the attachments for basecoating. I did that because the Wyches right arm is bare, and they will need to match the Dark Eldar heads because of skin.

Next was the Raider crew, they needed some posing. I did the heads separately because I wasent sure how I wanted to build the various units and like the arms many of them would be exposed Dark Eldar skin, the white basecoat vs grey would be a big time saver later during paint.

Here, I have built Reaver riders and mounted them and the Raider crew to basecoat sticks. The Reavers are really excellent models and one of my favorite in all ways.

The rest of my Stuff got in on Wednesday instead of Friday, awesome! Some boxes of Kabal Warriors, two Vypers a Haemonculus Special Characters and another Raider. The Raider and Vypers will become two Venoms and a Razorwing Jetfighter.

First batch basecoated: Wyches, Raider Crew, Reaver Riders. Entering hour ~Thirty~ of Dark Eldar build, legs and Torsos of the first box of Kabal warriors cleaned up and put together.

Spent some time cleaning and building the haemonculus and reading about the special character and generics in the codex. Not a lot of time to worry about wargear, but it turns out to be a very utility model in that regard. Later I will end up attaching his normal base to a magnetic one, making him even taller. All of the bases are magnetized - Gale Force Nine.

Armed the warriors literally and mounted to basecoat stick. No skin showing on these guys. Originally I built five to be used as Kabal Trueborn, with two blasters and three shard carbines. So at this stage I used some of the extra spikeys to customise the Trueborn's splinter rifles to dress them up as shard carbines. Later I found that in the two Raider kits, I had something that either was a shard carbine or looked like one. So after these guys get basecoated I end up building five more with the cooler gear.

Heads. It turned out mostly what I didnt like about the new Dark Eldar models was most of the heads. I have a few coming from Ebay but that was going to be an expensive route in the long run. At first I was going to basecoat every head that I had but after enough staring at the codex pics etc, I was able to organize some themes and get some work done. So all the heads get basecoated Matt White.

 After checking out the Haemonculus long enough he got basecoated white also. I got the bases done right about this point and was chomping at the bit to glue everything together already. Cracking into day Four of this project, I also started cleaning up and working on the Vyper/Venoms.

I mentioned the Shard Carbine find above, so I built five more Kabal. The Venoms were easy and came though nicely, I also built three crew members for each. The Raider, Venoms, Reavers, Kabal Trueborn and Venom crew get basecoated Uniform Grey, Sails and other vehicle addon bits got the Skeleton Bone. Later I painted the sails black and inked the bone with heavy black. A lot of the bits have heads and things like that, I also wanted a third color with a bit of contrast to the grey and white, thats why I ended up with bone here.

I started with the Kabal Trueborn, already my favorite unit so far. Then everyone got on the bases and some heads installed. I also have some 'blank' bases for objectives and a large base for a webway portal. No plans for what to do on either of those, yet.

 500pt Dark Eldar Nemesis Attack Host - roughly 5 days into build. The list works out to:

Raider with 7 Wyches and Haemonculus
Venom with 5 Kabal Warriors
Venom with 5 Kabal Trueborn

Looks pretty good too - no paint yet!

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