Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Contest of Champions: Mission Book Summary

Players participating in the Contest of Champions Tournament are asked to be familiar with these missions. We have been doing our best since the end of January to become experts. You are encouraged to visit the Great Escape Games forums and get the mission book directly from the source.

This tournament is year long with an event every other month. Its an Escalation League, starting at 1250 in January, notching up each competition by another 250pts to finish at 2500 in December. There is battle, sportsmanship, paint, and composition scoring each event.

Our club, the Wolfbrothers 40kNation Chapter, will host a CoC Primer Tournament on March 12th, mirroring the event format. With $100 in Prizes and FREE Entry it promises to be an exciting way to kick-off final preparations for the real fight on the 26th.

Although we are by no means finished, we sure have played the hell out of these scenarios as of late, and in the next few posts we will provide some insight on the task at hand in Sacramento:

This group of missions/scenarios are fairly straight forward. Each uses a standard deployment and a standard mission format. There are very few additional special rules and modifications - no limits on scouts and infiltrators and no surprise special outflankers (etc.) Each mission is really defined by its Additional Victory Conditions although the standard mission format is often modified.

We have identified 11 separate scenarios. Please read the actual mission book as it is subject to change and update. We have separated the missions into three categories: Annihilation, Dawn of War, and Standard:

Annihilation Missions:

#1 Capture the Enemy Camp: Pitched Battled, Killpoints - Each unit in your enemy deployment zone is worth an additional killpoint.

#3 Intelligent Design: Spearhead, Killpoints - Units are worth additional killpoints based on FoC and Points Value. (For Example, HQs are worth 1kp for each 50points.)

#9 Choices, Choices: Spearhead, Killpoints - 1 objective in center of table worth 2 killpoints.

Dawn of War

#2 Consume: Command & Control - Each table quarter is worth an additional objective.

#8 To Kill A Snake: Command & Control - HQ units are worth an additional objective.

#11 Ontime, Ontarget: Command & Control - Enemy VIP unit can score an additional objective.


#4 Head Hunters: Spearhead, Sieze Ground - Designated HQ is worth additional objectives.

#5 Storm Rising: Spearhead, Command & Control - Table Quarters are worth additional objectives.

#6 Shifting Sands: Pitched Battle, Three Objectives worth d3 Objective points each game turn.

#7 Unstable: Pitched Battle, Five Objectives - One in center, four others that might explode.

#10 Walk the Line: Pitched Battle, Three Objectives worth d3 each

Notes: #10 Walk the Line has replaced #6 Shifting Sands in the official mission book.

"Be familiar..." -- be prepared for these missions, in any order, but also any hybrid-combo of the mission elements. For example, we have seen #4 Head Hunters with Dawn of War deployment.

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