Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 12th WOLFBROTHERS CoC Primer Event

Saturday, March 12th at 10am:

Wolfbrothers Chapter will be hosting a CoC Primer Tournament on March 12th. Kicking off final preparations for the March 26th Contest of Champions Escalation Tournament at Great Escape Games, Sacramento.

Location will be announced shortly as final arrangements are being hammered out now.

 This Tournament is Invite Only, but Everyone is Invited! Best of all its FREE! We will have at least $100 in prizes for Best General/Favorite Army as well as random fun prizes during the event.

We will of course be using the Great Escape Games mission book and format for the CoC tournament.

If you cannot participate in the tournament then plan to drop by anyways. You will not be disappointed!

Stay tuned for details, or contact me with any questions!

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  1. General Oadius and the glorious Blood Legion will be attending. Therefore you have already all just don't know it yet.