Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Contest of Champions: Personal Bonus Objective

 PRIZES, Prizes, Prizes! At the end of the year FOUR (of six possible) Contest of Champions Event scores are added up for the final glory! Accomplishing the personal goal throughout each event is Significant!

Battle Points are earned each round each mission. A Loss is worth 5 points, Draw 10pts, and a Win 15 - additionally, and very importantly, each round both opponents secretly select a PERSONAL BONUS OBJECTIVE from a list of six. Achieving this objective is worth an additional 5 Battle Points for a total for 20 available points each mission.
These bonus objectives are an important part of the plan for victory each round. They are worth a lot of points. Competitors are not allowed to choose an objective that matches the mission. To really win the battle and the war you will need to plan ahead and capture these points each and every round.
Know your list. Know the mission. Know the rules!
The Personal Bonus Objectives are:
- Capture more table quarters than opponent.
- Destroy opponents most expensive HQ.
- Have more scoring units above half strength in enemy deploy than opponent.
- Eliminate over half of opponents army.
- Keep your most expensive unit above half strength.
- Destroy your opponents most expensive unit.

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