Monday, April 18, 2011

Blood Legion - Devastators ( WIP )

YouTube Video

I've been working on these guys for about two weeks now. The models represent 2 squads of 5 devastators. Both squads consist of 1 Las Cannon and 3 x Missile Launchers sargeant with a bolt pistol/chainsword combo.

I'm using the SpuseMaroon(You Tube) Technique for painting Blood Angels and I've only VERY slightly modified it for the Blood Legion hues.

Please keep in mind that they guys are not finished by a long shot and a great deal of touch up will go into them before they are Matte'd. At this point they need touch up from eyes and final dot of white on eyes for light source, ultra highlights on all the armor (mix of blazing orange and bleached bone), some grenades and holsters need to be painted, crests need to be drybrushed and ultra highlighted, all weaponry and loading arms need drybrushing and details done. I missed a purity seal or two with base coats and still need clean up from wash and ultra highlight on all purity seals.

Finally the bases will be mostly like the SpuseMaroon basin you see in part 4 of his series with a greyish rock and bright green grasses over rubble

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  1. Very nice General Oadius! Show us some of the other guys!