Wednesday, April 13, 2011

General Oadius' Strategic Outline for Beginning Generals

I wanted to give a rough outline of some things to consider when starting a game.

I. Analyze/Observe
--a. What Type of Deployment? i.e. Dawn of War, Pitched Battle or Spearhead
----1. What weapons will have range at deployment and turns to come
----2. What units of yours will BE in range at deployment and turns to come
--b. Who is going first

II. Do you need to deploy more or less?

III. What units will need to advance and which units can stay in place?

IV. How will a Seized Initiative change things?
--a. Is the enemy deployed to take advantage of a Seize?
--b. Are you deployed to take advantage of a possible Seize?

V. How is the Board set up?
--a. Is there a lot of view obstructing terrain?
--b. Are there perches and hiding spots?

VI. What type of Game?
--a. Do you need to kill units or hold objectives?
--b. What units will work in what ways depending on game type

VII. How will you win?
--a. Do you need to hold 1, 2 or 3 objectives and contest another?
--b. Do you need to get easy kill points and protect yours?

Go through this checklist at the beginning of the game and you can save yourself from making simple mistakes. Next time I promise to have that article about improving saves. TILL THEN...PLAY WELL, ROLL BETTER!

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