Monday, April 25, 2011

Wolfbrothers Tournament Saturday April 30th

Wolfbrothers.... FIGHT!

This Saturday, April 30th, we will enjoy our 2nd Official Club Event and CoC PRIMER Tournament at 1750pts! Bring your best - the goal of this event is to kick off final preparations for the actual Contest of Champions at Great Escape Games, Sacramento - May 21st.

Players should be familiar with these links:

Some resources that will be helpful:

Our Tournament format will mimic the official CoC in many ways but not all. This is a Club Event so remember to bring your tables and terrain. Tournament registration starts at 10am sharp! ARMY Paint voting at 12 noon, Raffle tickets all day long, same location as our last event.

Contact me at 775.997.3268 or for location details or other questions!

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