Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Garden List Update - Death Co. Dread Painting Completed!!

"Nayef the Destroyer" awakens to find himself enclosed within a sarcophagus and his new Terminator Armor.

"Nayef" earned his paint job by sending a great many enemy vehicles and infantry to their demise.

So stay tuned for more of the "Garden" units being completed. TILL THEN...PLAY WELL, ROLL BETTER!!!


  1. that mini looks like crap. enjoy the trolling.

  2. did you do your lining with crayons?

  3. looks good if you ask me. though, I suck at painting.

    Speaking of which, I need to pick your brain about the airbrushing.

  4. "uberdark said...

    the lining really wasnt bad, it was me trolling, i actually use two things, 1. a winsor and newton series 7, size 0 brush, and 2. since i suck at freehand, i actually use that blue painting tape you get from a hardware store to make my lines. those two things will NEVER cause i thick line on a straight edge again. :)"