Thursday, July 28, 2011

Garden List Update, Final Countdown. STORMRAVEN Completed!!

Oh my frakkin god that Stormraven is a bear....but it's done.

I'm down to the very last unit to paint, Death Company. That's right, only 11 models stand between me and a fully painted Garden List.

Bay Area Open GT here come the WolfBrothers...

I'll try and post a final showcase with the basing done before we head off to California. TILL NEXT TIME.....PLAY WELL, ROLL BETTER!!


  1. I see the green stuff worked for that base. Thank Makooma for that idea.

  2. You are right, props to Charles. Base is working great now, gonna magnetize that turret eventually too.

  3. You guys should come into town for wolfbrothers tourney on Aug 27