Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tau make some people upset.

Hey everyone! It's Makooma. I know you don't know me yet but let me introduce myself. I am the best Warhammer 40k player to ever live. Don’t believe me? Well here is some evidence: I have never lost a game of 40k. How was that? There may have been times when according to the rules I "lost" but really I threw the game to keep my friends from giving up on the hobby. I am just an awesome guy like that. I want to show you all some of my exploits. Here is a couple of battle reports from the "Great escape games" Contest of Champions. I use my poor little Tau to Tie a game (secondary objectives don't count) and win two others. I did not get first place because of my failure to secure secondary objectives in the first round and because of a ridiculous rule called "Comp score". I will talk more about "Comp" later on. Please enjoy the battle reports and if you feel the need to test my claim of best Warhammer 40k player in the world then just get in your car and drive to Roseville California. I will be happy to beat you. (or voluntarily throw the game if I am in the mood) Just remember even if you win, it is because I let you.




  1. Who gave this guy access to this blog???


    And yes, he does "throw" A LOT of games. Especially when using Tau.

    And yes, do tell others about how ridiculous our local game store's composition rules are. They will be appalled.

  2. Ah, army comp. A system designed to 'fix' issues within the game that only serves to elevate certain armies to the top while penalizing the rest.