Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ard Boyz Semis Game TWO: Creed IG

Mission Two at Ardboyz Semi Finals had one objective in the center of the board. Only troops could score and the winner had to have more troops inside 6" at the end of the game. My strategy for this mission was to go first and stuff my opponent into his deployment zone, engage everything with the wyches and then score with the wracks and any surviving warriors or wyches. 

I went first and deployed - my opponent deployed everything into reserve, with 3 scoring valkyries and a squadron of lemen russes outflanking (due to Creed.) After my first couple turns I had his board edge roughly lined with raiders and venoms. Could have done this better, but seemed pretty good at the time (I knew about scoring, outflanking valkyries.)

 His whole army except 1 troop in a chimera roll in from reserve. Russ squadron in my back corner, Valkyries in the other (they could move on the board 6" and shoot all weapons at this tournament.)


We need a couple judges to help resolve the ramming IG tanks. The red and blue party wagon and a Demolisher make it on to the board, Creed and many others die horribly.

 IG general goes on to pummel me with the darn outflanking tanks and flyers. I manage to kill most of one troop and all of another from inside the Valkyries at some point. Wyches deal with most of his tanks and blob squad that made it on to the board. Wracks and Vect and a unit of wyches hold the center but get pounded turns 4, 5, and 6. Lances never scratch his flyers or the two Chimeras that made it through the blockade - arr! He stacks the chimeras and flyers on the objective for a Major win!

Really a great comeback win for the IG General and one of my favorite games to play ever! He went on to win 2nd place that day! Great Job!

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