Sunday, September 11, 2011

VIDEO BATTLE REPORT: Wolfbrothers Tournament, FINAL Round!!!


Thanks again everyone for your participation in all ways, Heroes Games & Hobbies for the support and gaming space, and General Oadius for your help and prizes!

Players rolled off each round to then roll for Contest Of Champion Missions. The Third and Final round was various forms of Annihilation:


  1. Thanks for the updates! Sorry we couldn't make it down there for the tourney.

    Hopefully we'll see you at CoC. I will be there with my wolves.

    @SDM, hopefully you still have some spare vehicles laying around that I might be able to take off your hands.

  2. We will be in Cupterino for Ardboyz!!!

    on the same day as CoC ;(

  3. No worries. I am sure you guys will be at the next twin-linked on the 1st. To be honest, I would have rather skipped the last twin linked to go to the wolfbrothers tourney. I just dont have time for all of them.

    Good luck at Ardboyz!!!