Thursday, August 9, 2012

Reclusiarch Report - State of the Chapter, Promotions & More 2012

     As Reclusiarch general of the honoured Wolfbrothers 40k club chapter it is my duty to report to the chapter master and decree the promotions earned by our battle brothers.  Herein lies that report and those promotions.

     It is with a glad heart that I report the state of the Chapter as being: Excellent.  Our club membership is at an all time high.  We have the type of strong base of new recruits needed to propagate our continued success.  The current growth in skill and strength of our more experienced generals is phenomenal.  The participation in our primer tournaments and other competitive events is better and more successful than ever. 
     I am very pleased to announce that the arrival of 6th edition rules have only enhanced our standing amongst the strongest of any club on the planet.  Our generals have embraced the new system and have begun their own style of 6th edition murder make.  I urge the continued use of primer tournaments, Hall of Heroes tournaments,  Mark's Twin Linked Tournaments and of course our staple, The Contest of Champions as the means to increase our victory tally and improve our generals.  With each victory the Wolfbrothers gain more and more notoriety, infamy and of course more honor. 
     Which of you can possibly began to explain the effectiveness of the unspoken intimidation of being a consistently victorious general or even just a member of the most winning club on the West Coast.  Now you may be of the opinion that winning isn't everything and that Warhammer 40,000 is for having fun.  You are the exact person I'm speaking about...go ahead and make excuses for yourself and your mediocre clubs.  We are here to win and keep winning until you all give up and we are forced to play amongst ourselves until the end of time. 
     All that being said, our current growth and strength, can be attributed to the hard work of a few generals that have dedicated themselves to the club and to the pursuit of victory.  To reward their hard work and dedication the Chapter Master, Shotdownmind and I have promoted them to new positions of authority and responsibility.  The Promotions are as follows:

Ian Gahner is hereby promoted to Honor Guard and granted right to the veteran armory along with the right to defend the Chapter Master in battle. 

Travis Rehder is hereby promoted to Chaplain and granted right to carry the Crozius Arcanum a symbol of faith to the entire chapter.  His participation in the 2012 Twin linked tournaments and support of the Chapter's leadership have been exemplary. 

Matthew Mudd is hereby promoted to Librarian and granted right to carry the Force Staff a symbol of the chapter's psychic might.  His new attitude and increased intensity is a light in the darkness and a testimony to the chapter's strength. 

Caleb W is hereby promoted to Veteran Sergeant of the 1st company and granted the mark of Crux Terminatus upon his hallowed armor.  Caleb's victories are amongst our most prestigious and he is a great example to the entire chapter. 

Casey Mock has been promoted to 2nd company and is also granted the status of sergeant.  He will now wield a power sword and plasma pistol as a badge of his service to the chapter.  His quiet intensity and dynamic attitude is a boon to the entire chapter. 

Kevin Morgan is hereby promoted to Codicier Librarian in acknowledgment of his tutelage under Shotdownmind.  Kevin's skills increased with each passing day. 

These are our generals who have earned the right to advance within our ranks, hail to them and their victories.  Let righteous victory be their guiding light until they can no longer roll dice or tally wounds...