Friday, October 12, 2012

Big Guns Never Tire

These good ole grimdark times are getting more and more grimdark each day. In and around Wolfbrother Territory, we love it and only want more!

So the MURDER FACTORY burns on endlessly - and General Oadius prepares to hand out Death To The Enemies Of The Wolfbrothers:

The Legions of Baal start like many others, the beautiful color of GW plastic grey. After a quick dusting of home made white primer, we move on to the real work of slapping a layer of Green down with the airbrush on the bottom of the model and underneath or in-between any surfaces. Next is another "color band" of Tin across the center section targeting pretty much only on the "side" of the model and all surfaces. 

This Green to Tin to White color scale across the model is what will "show through" the under-painting and top coats of final paint application after the salt mask is washed off - it will become the damage and weathering, and any Green will eventually become deep shading for the bright Red and Golds of the 444th.

Once the initial color bands are established, a kind of "medium" salt mask is applied using super hold hairspray to stick the salt to the model. Spray the hairspray on heavy and use a mixture of different sizes of salt. Like everything else practice makes perfect and this is not the first time I have used this method. The salt application and effect gets better every time. The hairspray dries fast but its a good practice to let everything settle for an hour minimum before moving on (gasses escaping and blah blah etc.)

 Nowadays at the MURDER FACTORY very little is done in a small way - the 444th went through this ordeal together:

After the salt everything gets a bright layer of White on the top of the model/surfaces and then a few coats of Red and more Red. The final color here is actually GW's Mephiston Red.

Very close to 24hrs later, the Salt Mask is washed off using a very soft toothbrush and very hot water. You can actually scrape or peel off any layers of paint you installed over the hairspray at this point. Using your fingernails or whatever tools you can install all sorts of additional weathering or damage. Under the White and Red layers are the Tin and Green color band so the scrapes and cuts have natural effect built in. Your options at this stage are endless.

The models then sit and dry for another day. Throughout this time period I inspect the models and use another soft toothbrush to remove any excess salt from crevasses or flaky paint before moving on to the actual paint stages. 

 The paint is fairly simple - highlight the armor and finish the details. The armor effects are built into the paint process. Most of the armor highlights as well. On some of the more damaged vehicles where the salt made its way up the model and even onto the top of some surfaces, a little more work was required to complete the weathering/damaged effect. All told really a handful of simple techniques stacked for a nice and easy finish.

These Chimeras are ready for Markings AND the Tabletop. 

 This is a BIG Army - stay tuned for more! Thanks everyone!!!



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    it's your chance, to shit your pants...Oh tabletopmurder dance...I'll do the shooty shoot and the killy kill. You'll lose the game so really really weeel.

  2. Man, 40k armies always look so bland.

    Kidding, they look pretty freaking awesome.

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